Broadband and ADSL

  Craig.m 15:52 17 Mar 2004

I am happily using my 512K connection the internet via Cable and have two PC's sharing that connection (via crossover cable). I have seen people talk about ADSL and broadband as being different, hence setting up a network also being different for the two, could anyone give me a brief simplistic description of the difference please.
I can only speculate that cable is possibly pure digital whereas the other maybe has analogue carriers - or at least that is my guess, can anyone enlighten me?


  Rigga 16:06 17 Mar 2004

Hi Craig.m,


Broadband, is just a generic term for a fast internet connection. I would describe your cable connection as a broadband connection. It used to be that broadband mean't 512k download speeds, but it seems these days that, 156k download speed can be described as broadband..

Anyway onto ADSL..

ADSL is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.. Asymetric because usually, the download speed is faster than the upload speed. the upload speed is usually half the download speed.

Some ISP's are now offering SDSL.. which is Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line.. which offers equal up and download speed.

As for setting up a home network, if you're using a crossover cable, and just using Internet Connection Sharing, then there will be no difference between the two. just Share an ADSL connection like you share your cable connection.

Hope that helps..

  JerryJay 16:08 17 Mar 2004

Broadband is just a defintion if the bandwidth in communication is wide (broad), so most people accept 512kbs bandwidth is broadband. ADSL (Asymertrical Digital Subscriber's Line) is a technology which can transmit data over copper wire in high bandwidth (ADSL broadband), but high bandwidth can be easily achieved by optical cable which is cable broadband (NTL, Telewest).

So I say ADSL and Broadband are different and the same depend on how you want to define them.

  Craig.m 16:13 17 Mar 2004

Cheers Rigga.


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