Broadband acnt & Anytime Dial acnt on 1 pc & Line

  Giggle n' Bits 23:36 21 Jul 2004

Ok me, I am with Wanadoo.

I currently run Anytime account dial up, but want to add a a new BBand account with same ISP new emial address on same machine.

What I want to know as I read it takes BT 10 days to fiddle about at there end. This bit where BT do something on the line at there end I worry about. My current Dial up is fine and decent connection speed for dial up 52Kbps.

So if I also go Bband route keeping the anytime and Bt fiddle about does anyone know if this will effect line quality and have a knockon effect to my Dial up ???

  johnsims 23:40 21 Jul 2004

Shouldn't do. Most BB ISPs give you a dial up number to use in emergencies such as when the BB connection is down. I've certainly used a modem alongside a BB connection on the same line with no problems or noticeable deterioration.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:46 21 Jul 2004

Don't need to remind me, I know I worry toooo much.

Just I read old post and strange things.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:49 21 Jul 2004

Have recently moved from freeserve Anytime to Wannadao BB, had no problems should have done it ages ago. connect 576Kbps phone line working nonstop (have 2 daughters)

However when you get modem install exactly as instructed but don't bother waiting for the e-mail from wannado to tell you that your online, as soon as the both led stop flashing BB is up and running.

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