Broadband access - does it have to be BT?

  The Belarussian Mafia 16:41 04 Feb 2004

To my astonishment BT are upgrading my local exchange so we can receive broadband. The charges are extortionate - should it be possible to receive access using a cheaper company once the exchange has been upgraded?

  [email protected] 16:46 04 Feb 2004

yes you can choose any ISP for broadband plusnet AOL etc use the google search for ISP providers plenty to choose from & all of them cheaper than BT

  leo49 16:47 04 Feb 2004

You can use an ISP of your choice - see list here of various providers:

click here

  Forum Editor 16:50 04 Feb 2004

Any broadband service that comes via a BT exchange is provided by BT, although you can buy the service from other providers. Those companies will have bought the service via BT wholesale,which is a separate BT company, and they re-sell it to you.

It doesn't necessarily follow that because your exchange has been converted you can automatically receive an ADSL service - it depends on your line being tested to ascertain that it's OK for broadband, and you'll also need to live within the maximum line length of the exchange. This line length thing often causes confusion, because people think that it relates to an "as the crow flies" distance. It doesn't, it includes all the twists and turns that the line takes as it comes into your n=house from the exchange.

The best thing to do is to shop around, and check prices from different broadband suppliers. In the meantime ask BT to ascertain that your line is OK.

  Gemma 16:51 04 Feb 2004

As BT dominate the local loop (your phone line) in the UK, ADSL will be provided on BT lines through BT exchanges upgraded to support ADSL. You can buy the ADSL service from many Internet Service Providers. BT sell the service to them (wholesale), they sell it to you.
I use Pipex and it cost £24 month for a 512/256kbps service.

  Stuartli 17:17 04 Feb 2004

There's also cable if it's in your area.....

  Stuartli 17:23 04 Feb 2004

I've posted this registry tweak method before, which can speed up Internet Explorer's page downloads and which is most likely what so called Internet accelerators do, but for a cost - here it is again (it works with dialup and ADSL):

click here

For software etc downloads I use FreshDownload, which is free and also free of adverts:

click here

  Stuartli 17:25 04 Feb 2004

..and posted in wrong one..:-(

  The Belarussian Mafia 18:01 04 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone. I'm out in the stix, so cable will never happen.
Thanks to the forum editor for the full lowdown. I'm actually only a few hundred yards from the exchange, but I expect the info provided will be of use to others.
I'm now going to search previous threads to find advice on a cheap, reliable provider.

  bruno 19:08 04 Feb 2004


  [email protected]@m 19:37 04 Feb 2004

Check with your phone number or postcode click here

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