Broadband access disconnects phone

  Paneuro 20:58 12 Aug 2005

I'm running Windows XP Home and have an email account with Tiscali. I have to disconnect the telephone to access broadband or if the telephone rings whilst connected to broadband and I answer the phone, the broadband connection drops. I have checked the microfilters and the computer is connected to the master phone socket

Can anybody help please?


  stalion 21:00 12 Aug 2005

where are your filters placed?

  Paneuro 21:14 12 Aug 2005

I have four phone points in total, all have an ADSL filter fitted. The PC connects on its own to the master socket, sky tv to a single socket, a cordless phone to a single socket and a corded phone to a single socket. I have disconnected all phones in rotation and microfilters without success.

  stalion 21:26 12 Aug 2005

scroll down for a wiring diagram click here

  Stuartli 21:44 12 Aug 2005

You say your PC's RJ11/45 cable is connected direct to the Master Socket.

Try fitting a splitter in the Master Socket first and then connecting the phone and ADSL cables to the splitter's outputs.

It's the method I use, the two other extension phones also having a splitter fitted first before inserting the phone leads.

  Paneuro 22:04 12 Aug 2005

Thanks for wiring diagram, I'll have a look at it

The PC is connected to a splitter and then into the master socket but there is no telephone connected to that splitter. The other three telephone sockets all have splitters, two have telephones (one corded & one cordeless)connected & the other is to a SKY box.

My ADSL modem is a USB Sagem 800 E3

  Stuartli 22:18 12 Aug 2005

It seems to be the same modem I use.

If you contact BT (I think it's via 151 in this case) and request a chat with one of their engineers, I'm sure you will get plenty of sound advice as they have been dealing with dialup/broadband issues for many years.

  Jackcoms 22:32 12 Aug 2005

Have you tried un-installing and re-installing the modem software?

  Paneuro 22:46 12 Aug 2005

I have now tried disconnecing all phones and Sky from the system. The PC is connected, through a micro filter to the master socket. I then plugged in a corded phone into that filter but alas the braodband diconnected again. Any ideas please?

  stalion 22:51 12 Aug 2005

have you got your modem connected to the computer or are you going through a hub?

  Paneuro 22:52 12 Aug 2005


Modem is connected directly to a USB connection on PC

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