Broadband access

  prdcb1 11:52 18 Nov 2005

I have now bought my laptop as a replacement for my desktop. I wish to keep my broadband connection. The laptop will only be used around the house etc. so how do i do it? I still have the modem from the broadband provider.

  ventanas 14:20 18 Nov 2005

I assume you got an installation CD as well. Just install it onto the laptop and enter the same passwords and account numbers as you have on the desktop. This is exactly what I have done. I don't use both the desktop and laptop at the same time, so I just unplug the modem from one and plug it in the other.

  palinka 12:39 19 Nov 2005

Ventanas is right, and that's the cheapest way. If you want to take it a step further (though it'll cost) you can buy a wireless modem router etc. & then you could use them both at once, anywhere in the house.

  palinka 12:42 19 Nov 2005

see click here for details; lots more threads around too.

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