jaygice 17:41 10 Jun 2003

help does anyone have probs with bt broadband like the modem going off when ever it wants to luv some feed back been on to bt about this but thay say do this and nothing seems change please help!!!!!

  steven_frost 20:18 10 Jun 2003

what os you running

  jaygice 20:48 10 Jun 2003

win 98se

If you mean the ADSL link is 'dropped' then I had a similar problem (not with BT though) I had forgotten to put a filter on one of the extension sockets in the house which meant the link was slow(ish) and it kept dropping out. It is IMPERATIVE all normal phones are run through filters though your modem connection doesnt need one. Hope this is of use.

  Djohn 21:23 10 Jun 2003

Do you know which make your Motherboard is? there have been one or two threads here recently regarding Broadband modem having problems with, I think, the VIA chipset found on some boards. j.

  jaygice 13:28 11 Jun 2003

cheers found out the problem because i have a laptop i had to buy a 7port hub this seems to off died on me and there was not enough power to the modem took modem out of hub and into my pc direct working great but can anyone tell me about a good hub i can buy this did have its own power so now i can not run my other things without changing everytime i am running cd-wr/printer/and web keyboard .

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