learner2003 13:21 26 May 2003

hi every one i want to get 1mb broadband but ntl will not do it at my address cos the last person who lived here owes them money can any one tell me who else does 1mb broadband and how i can contact them thanks

ntl was your only choice, there is only one cable franchise in any given street. keep on their case you shouldnt have to pay for anothers sins.

  graham√ 13:32 26 May 2003

This is over a BT line : click here

  learner2003 13:34 26 May 2003

thats what i said to them but they said its to bad i have aol broadband but just moved to new address and waiting for them to get line sorted they said it takes three weeks plus there are so many problems woth aol its stupid it keeps going off line and wont open my sites in there search bar

  learner2003 15:11 26 May 2003

well ntl have said yes and are comeing on thursday to instal 1mb of broadband they cleared the debt for the other person thank you to you all

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