Broadband that

  rins36 00:17 19 Mar 2003

You can pay for on a monthly basis that does not require payment via Credit/debit card

Does anyone know of an ISP that does this

  eskimo 08:30 19 Mar 2003

Try the following site gives good info on all isp's click here

  gemstone 09:57 19 Mar 2003

If you go through BT Broadband, note not BT openworld, they add the monthly fee for broadband to your phone bill, existing customers just need to phone up accounts and ask them to put it on. They are not an ISP and if you think about it you don't need one when you have your own permanent connection to the web, you dont require a dial in service to connect you with thier interface, you become your own provider.
Its important to understand this as some high street retailers will first tell you, that to buy an ADSL modem from them you have to sign up with their ISP at a total cost of about £140, but if you tell them you just want the modem then its £75, unless you get the BT ones that they offer you when you sign up but if you agree then they want credit card details, so do as I did, just get the line from BT added to the bill and but a modem elsewhere, dont forget to but at least one line filter, you need one for each phone socket in the house that you actually use, so two is really the minimum, one for your modem line and one for your phone.
hope this helps,

  gemstone 10:00 19 Mar 2003

sorry my y seems to be a T , but then they are next to each other, so read buy instead of but!

  Wak 10:16 19 Mar 2003

With ntl broadband (128K), the charge of £14.99 per month is added to your normal TV and phone account (basic system = approx £17.00 per month plus phone calls).
Above total = £32.00 p.m. plus phone calls.

  britto 17:24 19 Mar 2003

I have NTL, cable tv- telephone- bb cable modem
all separate bills only tv on standing order,other two pay by cash,chequeor card

  britto 17:26 19 Mar 2003 can just have bb if thats all you need no tv or phone

  rins36 21:19 21 Mar 2003

Up to now I have not managed to find a Broadband provider that you pay without using a credit or debit card, other than BT which I am trying to avoid using

  Lio 21:25 21 Mar 2003

See above, with ntl you do not have to pay with a credit or debit card.

  rins36 00:33 22 Mar 2003


I dont rate NTL at all. I will avoid using them, my friend has had so many probs with NTL

Looks like I am going to have to use BT

  mikef™ 10:53 22 Mar 2003

rins36 whichever ADSL you use will be using BT whoever you choose as they provide the infrastructure, so you can't avoid them anyway.

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