helpingf 18:21 01 May 2008

i have moved in my uncles house while he is away for a year, how can i set up internet with interfer with my uncle username and password ? can i set up one for my laptop?

  brundle 19:09 01 May 2008

Interfere in what way? Can't you use his account and set yourself up a free email account, not associated with the ISP?

  helpingf 19:25 01 May 2008

i thought it would open into his belongings can i set in a different account

  brundle 19:59 01 May 2008

You mean, his email account etc? Not if you can resist having a look. The things you save on your computer, downloads, favorites etc will stay on your computer and not affect the account.
You'd need to call the ISP and ask about another account, or adding another user to one account - if you're using AOL for example you can just set up another screen-name, which will have its own email address & settings.

  helpingf 15:19 02 May 2008

my uncles telephone line do i have to setup broadband ,i am going to use my laptop not my uncles computer,as i was woundering if i need his username and password?

  brundle 15:31 02 May 2008

I would have thought so if you're connecting with a modm, if broadband is supplied through a router (wireless or not) then it (the router) will probably have that information already, just plug in and go (though you'll need the encryption key if it's secured wireless).

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