laurie53 08:28 15 May 2007

My Orange broadband connection keeps dropping, every 15 minutes or so, for up to a minute, then it reconnects.

Only happens when my desktop is connected, the laptop is perfect as long as the desktop is not trying to download.

I've checked all the ADSL filters, and tried elimination without success.

The laptop is wireless, the desktop is wired.

Any clues?


  The Brigadier 10:25 15 May 2007

Contact your ISP.

  scotty 10:35 15 May 2007

Perhaps some program is running on the desktop that is using the internet connection? It would be worth checking for any nasties on the machine.

Can you check to see if data is being sent during the apparent dead periods? Many routers can be accessed using your browser program and you can access a page which shows how much data has been transfered.

  laurie53 10:36 15 May 2007

I was afraid that would be the answer.

It's Orange, and I was hoping to avoid the waste of a couple of days on hold!

  laurie53 10:43 15 May 2007

Thanks. I'm pretty sure that it's not something taking over the connection.

The diagnostic lights on the router show the router trying to connect (fast flickering) and then logging in (slow flashing).

I can also work around it by going into Repair Connection mode.

  Technotiger 10:55 15 May 2007

Hi, there was a fairly recent Thread concerning Orange in particular, have a search for that thread, might throw some light on your problem - also, if I remember correctly the FE was asking for members with Orange problems to let him know too.

  birdface 12:36 15 May 2007

Have you tried ,Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services,Scroll down till you get to DNS Cient, Make sure that it is set on automatic.

  birdface 12:39 15 May 2007

When in repair connection mode ,Does it give a DNS Problem.Also what Firewall are you using.

  birdface 12:51 15 May 2007

I should explain Firewall problem,There have been a few problems lately with Zone Alarm.Make sure it is configured properly or up-dated to the most recent version if you have it.

  bretsky 14:21 15 May 2007

Have you tried to set up your network again from scratch(yes I know....a pain)their(orange)will ask you to do this.
Orange are having problems which are ongoing.

click here

click here

click here

It might be worth a look click here

bretsky ;0(

  Dipso 16:41 15 May 2007

When you say your laptop is perfect...can you access the net from the laptop when the desktop loses the connection? Just trying to work out whether the problem is actually with your broadband connection, your router or your desktop.

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