I am considering upgrading from Dial-Up to Broadband.I have WinXP Home.I am with Supanet as my ISP.I understand that I require a new modem but does this need installing in the Tower case?Do I keep my e-mail address,logon name and password?Is Tiscali a good Broadband ISP as they are cheaper than Supanet?Do I install Broadband from a software program?As you can probably gather I am rather in the dark about the conversion.Any advise would be most welcome.

  ventanas 21:42 13 Oct 2005

No matter who you go with (I am with Wanadoo) you will get an external modem (USB) an installation cd and instructions. Wanadoo are only £14.99 for 6 months (2mb) at the moment. If you change ISP you will have a different email address.

  PC Bilbo 22:36 13 Oct 2005

In addition to ventanas's comments,if you download a lot, take note of download limits imposed by different ISP's.Some are unlimited and others place various restrictions.

Also if you upload a lot look at that as well. I'm with NTL who have upgraded me from 600KB t6o 2MB for same price over 2 years but their upload is still a measly 128KB/s.

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