whitehall 21:10 22 Aug 2005

Does anyone know if modem routers have the capability to be both wired and wireless? Basically I want to set-up my laptop as a wireless device for broadband and my desktop computer, which doesn’t have wireless capabilities, as a wired device to use broadband through the same modem router?
Also would wireless be a problem in an old farmhouse with thick cob walls where it is difficult to get a mobile signal?

  igk 21:32 22 Aug 2005

"Does anyone know if modem routers have the capability to be both wired and wireless?">>>>>>>> Yes almost all wireless routers have a wired connection as it is always safer to have at least one pc on a wireless network "hard wired" otherwise users could be locked out if an error was made in configuration.
As to your walls, things should be ok but you may have to experiment with placing your pc's.
Hope this helps..

  whitehall 21:57 22 Aug 2005

Very many thanks for your comments, I will now purchase a wireless modem router and give it a go.

  wjrt 22:50 22 Aug 2005
  mco 23:40 22 Aug 2005

the link just posted seems a good one - beware the cob walls though: I'm in a big old Victorian house with thick brick walls and it IS an issue in some areas. The signal goes upstairs better because the floors are wooden rather than from one brick-walled room to the next

  whitehall 09:06 23 Aug 2005

Again very many thanks for this helpful advice and link, I will see how it goes!

  Diodorus Siculus 11:59 23 Aug 2005

Do you have a particular one in mind? If so, post a link and someone will be able to confirm it for you.

click here
PC World - D-LINK DSL-904 WIRELESS NETWORKING - Shop for cheap Wireless Routers & Accessories

This was suggested to me and it has been pretty good - has wired and wireless ability.

  whitehall 22:27 23 Aug 2005

So I purchased a Netgear Wireless Firewall ADSL Router from PC World this morning, the wired bit to my desktop went fine and was soon up and running, the Wireless bit for my laptop proved more of a problem, basically because I didn't really know what I was doing! my broadband provider couldn't give any support regards setting up and configuring the laptop with the Router, they said they didn't really support wireless! so gave me the telephone number of Netgear. Although difficult to understand India, they were very helpful and I was up and running, literally! around the house with my laptop "surfing" the net.
Thanks to everyone.

  igk 15:53 24 Aug 2005

Now you are sorted don't forget the security options that you need to consider,firstly your router should have a firewall system (I'm not that aufait with Netgear but they are all much the same in principle)also you should think about setting up "wep" incription and/or "Mac address" filtering,my personal preference is Mac address filtering,your router handbook should give you instructions on how to apply these..

  whitehall 17:59 24 Aug 2005

Yes, PC World mentioned "wep" incription, it didn't mean very much to me at the time, although made sense. I asked the Netgear technical woman about it and she talked me through what to do, so hopefully all is now secure.

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