Les 23:03 23 Jul 2005

I converted from Dial Up to BT Broadband some two months ago - it's fast! At least, it is fast when the computer is switched on but, after a while and after several other programs have been run (including ganes) then it slows down to such an extent that it times out and you get the page unavailable message,

I haven't seen this problem asked before - is there anyone who has experienced this slowing down. Doing a Restart restores the speed again.
There a lot of small programs on the taskbar, but, as I have a gigabyte of memory I would have thought that they wouldn't haved any effect - or am I barking up the wrong tree 8-))

  LastChip 23:13 23 Jul 2005


  woodchip 23:20 23 Jul 2005

When you are gaming you should turn off all background Programs other than Anti-Virus and Firewall. Memory is not the Problem, it's System resources that you are using that slows the computer down. you can have two gigahertz memory and it will not make one eyeota. if you do not do the above

  Forum Editor 23:20 23 Jul 2005

when you say "it times out". What times out? Have you checked your INternet Explorer settings ? Take a look at tools/internet options and click on the 'settings' button in the Temporary internet files section - which option is ticked in the 'check for newer versions of stored pages' section?

  Les 10:16 24 Jul 2005

Windows XP Home.

Yes, of course you are correct - it must be system rescources - not memory as I suggested.

FE: 'Automatically' is ticked, Time out?, once again I may have used the wrong expression. What happens is that the page is very long in loading - literally crawls.... and then the page is not loaded - knowing that the page does exist I assumed (wrongly?)that a 'time out' had occured ie:- it had stopped looking for the page and put up the 'couldn't find page' instead. As I said, simply restarting the computer restores broadband to it's normal speed - fast!

  LastChip 17:25 24 Jul 2005

When is the last time you did a scan for all the various nasties that can populate XP?

  Les 19:53 24 Jul 2005

Several times since this problem raised it's head! No viruses, Soyware etc regularly checked too, Adaware and Microsoft Anti spy - so, none of those nasties either, I intend to shut down some of the programs on the taskbar - good idea you think - there are quite a lot of them!

  woodchip 20:01 24 Jul 2005

MSCONFIG from run then startup Tab

  LastChip 20:11 24 Jul 2005

The more programs you have running in the background, the more resources are eaten up.

Personally, I only have essential programs launched automatically - anti-virus and suchlike - and any others, I start when I need them.

You could also do a disc clean-up, if you haven't already, and when you have got rid of all the unnecessary overhead, defragment the drive - preferably in safe mode.

  Les 22:52 24 Jul 2005

Thanls, good advice. I had already done as suggested with the exception of reducing the many taskbar programs - like you I think that these are the culprits, useful though they are.

When actually surfin' the broadband does not slow down, exceptions being certain times when many users are on the line at the same time or a particularly difficult page to find.

It must be sod's law or something, I switched the computer on some three hours ago, and I have just got onto the 'net with no trouble at all!! It seems I have a choice - either I'll have to cut down to the essentials - or put up with having to restart when necessary - fortunately it's a fast computer.

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