Broadband on 2 PC's

  Hedders83 22:36 21 Apr 2004

I have NTL Broadband via a cable modem, I want to share the connection with another PC upstairs, wires are a problem because of distances, is there anything I can buy that doesn't involve taking the PC to bits?
Any help would be great.Thanks

  dez fowler 22:43 21 Apr 2004

Two of these click here

  GaT7 22:44 21 Apr 2004

I think you can easily link both PC's with b'band if you use a wireless router. Since the signal on the wireless network is very strong, you can travel quite a distance though obstacles to get the signal. A friend once told me that he knew someone who had a wireless network at home. They have a PC in the basement where the router and ADSL modem are, and he has another PC on the top floor. The signal is strong enough to travel through 3 floors of wood and drywall. click here for some more info & prices. Also see - 'Multiple PCs & one Internet Connection' from the MS website - click here. Also check with NTL if it is OK to do so under their Terms & Conditions of B'band usage. Good luck, G.

  Hedders83 23:14 21 Apr 2004

Many thanks for the advice, I take it I need 2 of the routers, 1 for each PC , I have read the website and the Linksys router looks good but its not clear whether or not I need one for the upstairs PC as well..sorry for appearing to be a numpty but this is a bit new to me. Cheers

  GaT7 00:29 22 Apr 2004

"To set up your wireless network, you’ll need:

One Wireless Router: The Wireless Router is a wireless Internet-sharing device that connects all your computers to the Internet and to one another. It connects to your cable modem or settop box.

One Network Cable: This connects your Wireless Router to your cable modem or set top box. Alternately, the Network Cable may connect your Wireless Router to one computer.

One Wireless Network Adapter for each computer.
There are three different types of Wireless Network Adapters: 1. USB Adapter – Choose this adapter for a desktop with an available USB port.
2. PC Card - Choose this adapter for a notebook. 3. PCI Adapter – Choose this adapter if you are comfortable opening your desktop."

If you're a bit new to this I'd suggest you go via the NTL website & do it through the links/vendors there who'll provide the equipment & help set it up for you - click here to learn more & further links. Actiontec offers a wireless solution (click here), while Linksys is more flexible offering a wired & wireless solution (click here). The wireless option is, of course, more convenient & desirable but will cost more.

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