broadband 2 computers ?

  fender62 15:27 24 Sep 2007

i moving over to broadband, i have two desktop pc's one up stairs and one downstairs, there not the most modern pc's but running xp pro
neither have lan cards. both are connected to the phone line, upstairs has a phone socket as well same line though, im thinking of going to talk talk, i know they give you one modem, but what else do i need to get both pc's working on broadband. what cards devices do i need.
and what should inot get.

  DieSse 15:35 24 Sep 2007

You need a router with several inputs (4 is normal), a lan card in each system, and lan cables from each system to the router. Don't get a USB modem, as that will be much more difficult to integrate with two systems.

Another approach is to get a wireless router - then you need a wireless card for the further syste, but still better to use a lan card for the system close to the router.

Wireless adapters can be used instead of lan cards, which fit a usb socket.

Personally I prefer to cable wherever feasible - it tends to work right off, and you avoid security issues for the wireless link.

  DieSse 15:40 24 Sep 2007

click here

This shows the Talk-talk router connection panel - make sure you get this one, it has exactly what you need.

  fender62 16:02 24 Sep 2007

im a newbie here, i take it talk talk will send me a router or modem? im confused
i just need two lan cards and RJ45 Network Cable
cable for downstairs pc and cable for upstairs pc.
is there anyway of not having to run cable upstairs, not to easy in my place. downstairs would be ok, what about the upstairs pc

  €dstowe 16:17 24 Sep 2007

I've just converted to through-the-mains linking of my home network.

Have a look at click here

You will need a router and Ethernet facilities on all your computers (this is quite usual these days).

  DieSse 17:06 24 Sep 2007

"i take it talk talk will send me a router or modem"

They'll send you whichever you ask for - ask for the router, as per their website.

As I said first off - you could opt to do the upstairs system via wireless (the router is a wireless one) - then you will need a wireless card/usb wireless module for it.

Cable comes in the kit for one PC (see the talk-talk website, which describes it exactly). You would need a cable for the one upstairs if you opt to cable it. You can readily buy cables, or ask a local computer shop to make one up for you. Unfortuately a made cable has the plugs on each end - so it's not so easy to tidily wire to upstairs (needs a biggish hole for the plugs to go through!)

  Andy1991 17:07 24 Sep 2007


  DieSse 17:09 24 Sep 2007

An example of a usb wireless device click here available from most PC places.

  DieSse 17:11 24 Sep 2007

RJ45 are the connectors used on lan cable - the cable itself is normally Cat5 lan cable.

  fender62 21:26 24 Sep 2007

i think i understand now, many thanks for your patience, ill cable the downstairs pc, would a pci
wirless card be better than a usb, also once i connect up all the bits do i have to configure the pc's in network connections in xp pro settings
or will it self configure. i already have kaspersky internet security on both pc's firewall
ativirus etc, do i leave them on

  DieSse 22:47 24 Sep 2007

"would a pci wirless card be better than a usb"

I can't see why it should - a usb one is clearly simpler.

"or will it self configure." - a cabled one should not need configuration - the router should pass the configuration details straight to the system.

A wireless one may need configuring - you will need to set the link to encrypted for a start, for security.

"i already have kaspersky internet security on both pc's firewall ativirus etc, do i leave them on" - absolutely yes.

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