Les 14:10 22 May 2005

I have what appears to be a line problem. It may be a coincidence but this problem has only arisen after my connection to BT Broadband.

First, Broadband is set up according to the CD instructions and it works perfectly.

Q: If this is so and it is, then why a line fault?

This is what's happening. I have a call coming in - the bell gives a weak ring and then stops. If you then pick up the phone you can hear the caller but the sound is weak. I have another phone and the same thing happens if I substitue it for my answer phone. Both phones are OK.

I have uncoupled my connection to Broadband by 'pulling the plug' ie:- detaching the microfilter feeding the computer - the phone(s) then worked OK. It would appear then that the problem is with the supplied microfilter(s).

This was reported to BT and they say that they will send me another filter - but it hasn't arrived yet

No trouble experienced so far with Broadband itself, this contines to work - its just the phone with which I have the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this?

  xania 14:22 22 May 2005

We had a similar problem - bell rings once then nothing. Pick up phone and caller there waiting. Broadband on a differnet line so not the cause - turned out to be a faulty telephone (we had 7 connected including line booster. Got rid of old telephone (still to get a replacement) got rid of problem. In you case, could be weak telephone problem exacerbated by broadband?

  Methedrine 14:57 22 May 2005

Don't forget that the REN for your phone line shouldn't exceed 5. So if you have 5 or more phones, this might create problems.

  Hamish 15:22 22 May 2005

Note the Ren Numbers:

REN or Ringer Equivalence Number - all faxes, telephones and answering machines have a REN. The maximum total REN you can connect to a single phone line is 4.

  Les 16:09 22 May 2005

First, thanks for the replies.

There is only one phone connected (in one socket via a filter) and the broadband from another, again via a filter. Unplug the broadband's filter from the socket and the phone works OK, uncouple that phone and plug in the other and that works OK, put the other phone in the socket normally used for the broadband and both work OK.

Meanwhile, while the phone gives trouble when broadband is connected by putting the filter back in to the socket - the broadband itself remains working normally.

Just like you Xania but it's not a faulty phone (one is an answer phone (cordless) then other a straightforward corded phone.

If the signals themselves were weak I would have expected trouble with the broadband - not the phone and I am only two kilometers away from my local exchange. Frustrating or what? There's only one advantage at the moment - those pesky call centres can't get at me! But it's also a good way of losing friends and that's the part I do not like!

  Les 12:49 25 May 2005

This problem turned out to be a faulty microfilter. BT sent another one (this time in it's original packaging) - I now have a properly working phone, a fantasic broadband 0 pity about the yahoo software as it's not as good as the original BT - but maybe that's just me!

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