Nancy166 22:06 25 Feb 2005

My daughter bought a new PC Packard Bell and subscribed to Wanadoo. The box duly arrived, connection made and Broadband wouldn't connect. Dial up to AOL would. She complained to Wanadoo who sent out a new modem,it was connected, still wouldn't work. BT have checked the line twice and say there is no problem.Now Wanadoo and Packard Bell are blaming each other. Any ideas before she throws the lot out of the window?


  Technotiger 22:13 25 Feb 2005

Hi, - sometimes, with BT especially, the actual connection of the modem to pc makes all the difference ie: did the set-up instructions stipulate whether actual connection to pc was to be made at a particular phase of the set-up. If not done exactly as prompted within the set-up procedure, problems will occur. Hope this makes sense.


  Jak_1 22:14 25 Feb 2005

How far from the phone socket is the pc and what type of extention cable is being used if at a distance?

  kinger 22:15 25 Feb 2005

It'll be the AOL software, I bet. It's a so and so to get rid of and seems to interfere with everything.

Someone on here will be albe to be more helpful, though, I'm sure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:15 25 Feb 2005

Very important that the software is installed before plugging in the USB cable from the modem.

Can you give us any more details of the fault? any error messages?

What are the two green LEDs doing on the modem?

  Technotiger 22:15 25 Feb 2005

ps - I assume you are using a filter between phone and modem - also if you have more than one phone in the house, each will need its own filter.

  Nancy166 22:18 25 Feb 2005

Thanks for your replies. I reinstalled Wanadoo and followed the instructions exactly so I don't think it's that. The phone connection is downstairs and she has an extension cable to the PC upstairs. I suspect the problem lies there but what exactly I don't know.


  Technotiger 22:22 25 Feb 2005

Has she got a adsl/phone filter between the phone socket and the extension cable?

  Nancy166 22:32 25 Feb 2005

Yes.....filters are on. After help from Wanadoo and fiddling with settings she did manage to get to the opening page of Wanadoo. Now however since Packard bell did a full system recovery she can get into Wanadoo but as soon as she tries to go to Yahoo etc. there is a Packard Bell pop up ad for AOL and everything freezes Anyway as I type she is removing all AOL from the PC


  Technotiger 22:32 25 Feb 2005

Helloooo - if a filter is in place, as above, then I would advise trying a different extension cable - sometimes the cable itself can be faulty.


  Technotiger 22:34 25 Feb 2005

Ooops - din't see your last post, before mine.
Anyway, I think she is right to get rid of AOL.

Good luck to her.

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