Fast Ed 09:56 29 Feb 2004

Can you help I am on anytime and would to use broadband I was thinking of Tiscali 150kbps can any one that is working with this broadband let me know what they think of it please

  ardvarc 10:09 29 Feb 2004

See if you can get it first. Some can and others can only get the higher connection packages. Depends what area you live in.

click here

  Stowit 10:10 29 Feb 2004

I've only read people with this deal are happy as an alternative to anytime dial up (faster & always on, & no dearer). I don't think it truely rival faster BB connections. However they're not always blistering!

  holly polly 10:16 29 Feb 2004

Gday ,had a look at the tiscali site and i do not know for the life of me how tiscali can market the 150 kbs as broadband -they quote upto 3 times faster ,before you sign up for this i strongly suggest you have a shop around as i believe you will be able to aquire a 512 bb service for not much more than the 150 kbs on tiscali ,but the diffrence in speed will be so so more noticeable ,rightly or wrongly i do not believe that a 150 kbs system can be defined as broadband -regards -hol pol ....

  jbaker65 10:17 29 Feb 2004

I use V21 @ £19.99 a month for 512kb. So far I've had very good service.

  Hugg6ear 20:30 29 Feb 2004

If you have a 56kb dial up anytime internet for 15 quid a month then this Tiscalli offer may look very atractive - 3 x faster, use the phone while connected to the internet, free broadband modem and connection, you can increase the speed to full broadband by just increasing the monthly payment. Seems like a no brainer!

I am with freeserve full speed broadband paying 28 quid/mth, if the Tiscalli offer was available last year I would have been tempted.

  TommyRed 20:52 29 Feb 2004

I've just this weekend ordered 512kbs BB from PlusNet click here I got the easy start package as I couldn't afford the initial set up costs. PlusNet came joint top or second to Zen in every test click here Check it out yourself and see. HTH TR

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