hawk2 16:50 02 Feb 2004

wanting to go on broadband could somebody please tell me what I would need to be able to use 2 computers at the same time on the same b.t. line.

  Sheila-214876 17:00 02 Feb 2004

No can do. You would need separate setups on each computer and separate lines. I have two computers setup with BB on NTL. I can only use one at a time.

  DAG88 17:27 02 Feb 2004

all you would need is a router and LAN connections on the 2 PCs. (either built into the motherboard or buy a netwrok card)

Plug broadband modem into router.

Plug router into the 2 PCs using straight through cat5 cables.

As your using BT (ADSL) I'm not exactly sure what connections you have. Hopefully an external modem that connects to your PC using an ethernet cable

  byfordr 17:54 02 Feb 2004

Or use something like the netgear dg834 click here or the netgear dg834g if you want a wireless network click here These have a built in modem/router/firewall/switch. So you can plug them into your phoneline and run the computers off of it. As long as it is switched on, only the only the you want to use needs to be on.

  byfordr 17:56 02 Feb 2004

Also forgot to mention if you want a wireless network you'll need a wireless adapter for each computer

  MidgetMan 18:01 02 Feb 2004

yes you can, I currently have exactly that.

2 puters both using the same b/band connection. Each machine with a lan card connected by about 5 mtrs of cable, no probs whats so ever.

  Gemma 18:40 02 Feb 2004

Assuming ADSL using an ISP (internet service provider) such as Pipex you will need:
1. The ADSL service on your BT line (takes about a week after you order it from your chosen ISP).
2. An ADSL splitter / filter for each extension, one splitting the line for the ADSL service and a phone, one for each extension with just a phone. Do not exceed a total REN of 4. That is normally equal to 4 phones. Please do not buy the cheapest filters you can find.
3. A combined ADSL modem and router (at home I use a 4 port device from Ebuyer (made by Origo)) at £37).
4. A LAN connection on each PC.
5. A straight through Cat 5 LAN cable from each PC to the router.
6. On XP use the Wizard to set up the network. DO NOT ALLOW ANY BRIDGE. Do not enable ICS (internet connection sharing) because that is meant for connections through one PC, not a router. Allow the PC's to obtain an IP address automatically.
7. Set the router up (generally uses your internet browser) with your allocated parameters from the ISP before you connect it to the phone line. You will need to know your fixed IP address. Disable any firewalls in the PC's.
8. Plug in the router to the ADSL service.
9. With a following wind both PC's should see the internet.
10. You can now find out what IP address has been assigned to each PC so you can allow it in your firewalls.
11. You can then set up file sharing between the PC's if you need it.
12. Both PC's will be able to share the bandwidth available. Unless both PC's are downloading at the same time you won't notice any significant reduction in performance.
12. Before all of the above: READ THE MANUALS!

  byfordr 19:00 02 Feb 2004

I know lots of people including myself who use these with no problems click here

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