Broad Band Speed

  ToonMariner 13:54 12 Dec 2007

Hi everyone.

I have a quickish question that some may be able to answer.

I phoned Virgin media this afternoon after finally getting frustrated with my 4M service only giving my download speeds of circa 90k for some 2 months now.

The guy got me to ping from the dos command line and I got an average response of 680ms (I don't fully understand the implications of this).

Anyhoo he said that was slow and said he would speak to the 2nd line team and call me back.

When he called me back we did a file download and low and behold I was getting 400k and the ping response time to was something like 20ms.

Now I have not had these download speeds for over 2 months now and I am very suspicious that the guy told me they have checked my connection, everything was fine and that they havn't changed anything yet all of a sudden I get a decent download speed once more.#

Could anyone advise me of what could have happened for my download speed to miraculously recover in the short time After i phoned them, when it has been so poor for so long yet they have not altered anything.

I really want to ring and moan and get my last 2 months service charges back and call them a liar but I don't have any ammo!!!!

  MAJ 14:12 12 Dec 2007

....... and you probably wont get any, ToonMariner. I't's impossible for you or us to say whether they did anything to increase your speed or not, even though it looks like they did do something. Your speed depends on a lot of factors, including the time of day, contention ratio, line quality and your ADSL equipment. 400k is still a pretty slowish speed to expect for a 4Meg connection. What speeds were you getting before your 2 months of hell?

  ToonMariner 14:15 12 Dec 2007


well pretty much around the 400k mark which I always thought was about right...

But you seem to suggest that 4M connection should get higher download rates???

  MAJ 14:25 12 Dec 2007

400KB/s (KiloBytes per second) is about right for a 4Mb/s (Megabit per second) connection, ToonMariner. I thought you you meant you were getting a 400kb/s (Kilobit per second).

  Dipso 22:14 12 Dec 2007

Are you on ADSL or is this cable? If ADSL, sounds like they switched you to a different BAM.

  ToonMariner 23:20 12 Dec 2007

Im on cable...

I did note that between the phone calls my firewall picked up an incoming request on port 80 (i have apaceh running and it said it was being contacted) but I didn't read the full message...

  Jabberwock 00:09 13 Dec 2007

Exactly the same thing happened to me and they did the bbc homepage trick as well. I think it's smoke and mirrors and this is a spurious improvement. I pay for 20 Mbps and usually score around 6 Mbps at the speed check site regardless of time of day, day of the week etc. I know, I should complain again, but it works, it's reliable, and the thought of getting involved in any way with bt to go with anyone else puts me off thinking of changing.

  birdface 11:32 13 Dec 2007

Worth a here Have a look at the Helproom first page.Lots of Virgin customers with the same problem.

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