broad band problems please help

  rmn 10:57 23 Jan 2003
  rmn 10:57 23 Jan 2003

my friend has a pc with AOL broadband.after 4-5 weeks it has started disconnecting her after 10 - 15 mins.she has rang AOL there explination is that the usb modem they supply runs at 600 milli amps and the feed coming from the computer is 500 mili amps so now after 4-5 weeks this will happen.they have told her to go to pc world and by a lucent pci modem and have installed then reconnect.this all sounds highly unlikley to me and if it is true is it not a case of AOL selling equipment that is not fit for the job its supposed to do.any info opinions or advice greatfully recieved darren.

  Troop Leader 11:12 23 Jan 2003

Keep ringing their helpdesk and ask them to clarify why they have sold you a modem that isn't rated high enough. Secondly if you know someone with broadband access, see if you can log on via their machine and see if the same thing happens. This should help identify if it is the modem or AOLs connection.

You are also covered under normal guaruntee laws etc, if it is faulty AOL should replace it (If they supplied it).

Whatever you do don't give up hasseling the help desk.


  Rowey 11:20 23 Jan 2003

If the modem they sold you is could send it back to them.

With the refund, buy your own modem (router) In my experience buying your own will give you better connection resposes as it will be better quality than the crappy ones the ISP's send you.

  rmn 11:36 23 Jan 2003

they say its not faulty just that the amperage is wrong from most computers and nothing can be done.this is what they have told her,i have to say if thats the case nearly everybody on AOL broadband would have the same problem.i think we need someone with technical know how here.darren

  IZZY 11:51 23 Jan 2003


Sorry, I'm afraid I can't add anything to your query I've just ordered AOL Broadband and have posted this so I can keep a watch on replies.



  Rowey 11:58 23 Jan 2003

If the router doesn't work and they have advised you to buy a different one, surely they will accept the old one back?

You're right, if your machine runs at a certain ampage.....many others would be the same.

The help desk seem to be trying to fob you off.....i'd get arsey with them, send the router back and buy a different one.

I had the same sort of problems with my BT supplied would cut off without warning. I sent it back and purchased a D-link router for less than the BT router and not only does it stay connected but the responses are better!

  Gemma 11:58 23 Jan 2003

Do you have any other USB devices plugged in to the second port on your PC?

If you can borrow a powered USB hub, connect the hub to the PC and the modem to the hub and see if it will work reliably. If it does not then AOL are wrong on two counts. 1. You were sold something that claims to be USB compliant (and at 600 ma it is not). 2. As 600 ma won't bother a powered hub running one device then the fault lies somewhere else.

  rmn 12:02 23 Jan 2003

i dont know its my friends ill ask her.

  Troop Leader 12:27 23 Jan 2003

If she ends up sending it back, sugest she buys an internal modem (no USB worries then!)

pcnextday do some good prices amongst others click here and are more reasonable about problems than AOL seem to be. i.e. will replace or refund.

All the best


  anchor 12:38 23 Jan 2003

If the motherboard is not supplying sufficient current, then why did all work well for 4-5 weeks?.

Has your friend connected something else to the USB? , as Gemma suggested, or more likely, AOL are giving her the runaround.

AOL say that as their modem needs 600mA, and most motherboards only supply 500mA, (which is the case, as far as I know), then after 4-5 weeks a problem will develop. This sounds rubbish to me.

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