Broad B switch: will Dial Up still work ?

  Kalb 12:50 15 Oct 2006

Switching to BT BB this week...the details show it works with WinXP but not Win98
This is OK for my home PC but will the BB activated phone line still allow me to use a dial up connection for my Lap Top which has Win98 ?

  Jak_1 12:52 15 Oct 2006

Yes, but remember to change to the dialup modem in the Control Panel > Internet Options > Conections first.

  Kalb 13:42 15 Oct 2006

Thanks Jak_1
I'm not sure I get your drift....the Lap Top will only have the dial up modem anyway.
The home PC will have a dial up modem which I intend to uninstall, possible physically remove, before connecting to BB.
I was hoping to be able to use the current double phone socket with one connection to the ADSL modem for BB and use the other socket for the phone or as the dial up connection for the Lap Top when necessary

  EARLR 13:53 15 Oct 2006

Remember to put a Micro-filter on the telephone outlet you are going to use for your dial-up connection.
I wouldn't remove your modem; You will need it to send a FAX. Just disable it in Control Panel.
Good Luck

  palinka 14:08 15 Oct 2006

I have an ADSL connection which my laptop uses wirelessly via a router. But I've still got the old dial-up modem installed -just in case, as my dial-up acct was with a different asp and if the BB provider was having a outage i would still be able to get on-line via the dial-up.
I also keep the old dial-up accounts - but when I want to access them I do it through the webmail of the providers, using the ADSL connection.

  palinka 14:17 15 Oct 2006

OOps, sorry, just read your posting properly! realise i'm not answering your question; though what I wrote may help.
Straight answer to your original question is Yes. You need a filter on every phone socket/extension; the dial-up connection will work just as before, on whichever extension you want to use.
Of course you could use the BB account on both machines by buying a wireless router and putting a wireless "card" in the laptop. But if you use the laptop seldom you might not want to boither with the expense of this method.

  Kalb 14:17 15 Oct 2006

Thanks for the help everyone I now have a clearer picture and others may find this link from another thread especially useful click here

  Kalb 14:36 15 Oct 2006

Sorry try thisclick here

  Kalb 19:42 15 Oct 2006

Over & out !

  woodchip 19:50 15 Oct 2006

Yes if you plug a modem in or it's in built. You will need an account to dial into, you can then use it for Fax it would be connected to the Telephone side of the filter

  Tim1964 19:55 15 Oct 2006


Are you sure you can only use dial up with the Win98 comp?

Does it have an ethernet connection? If so then you can connect both comps to the BB service. I would take the "...the details show it works with WinXP but not Win98..." bit with a large pinch of salt as my desktop (Win98 1st ed.) works fine with my ADSL BB, as it did with my previous NTL cable BB.

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