British Telecom

  madPentium 16:31 14 Jul 2003

I am at my wits end with this company now. I have had dial up btanytime for about a year and in the last couple of months the service has been terrible. I have to disconnect and redial at least 4 times everytime I want a connection because it seems to send but not receive anything.
I have sent numerous emails, and had my line/exchange checked no end of times.
I have their latest dial up software and still problems. To get here it has taken 6 reconnects.
They keep trying to blame my system, but it isnt my computer. I can dial virgin with no problems and after about 11pm my internet works first time everytime. How can I get this company to do something? can pcadvisor possible put some leaverage on them? I bet there must be thousands of people out there with the same problems.

XP PRO, Conexant modem, P4 1.4gig, 2X40gig hdd, DVD, Ricoh rewriter, 512mb ddr ram.

  Confab 16:37 14 Jul 2003

What happends? Why do you have to disconnect and then redial?

  Mike51 16:50 14 Jul 2003

Call it a day with BTOW & find a new ISP.

  madPentium 17:39 14 Jul 2003


I dial up and it verifies username and password and then says I have a connection at 46.6, if Im lucky 48.
Then only one of the small computer screens lights in the taskbar, and it shown data sending but 0 received. It stays like this for 10 minutes, web sites say page cannot be displayed, emails show big red crosses against accounts saying servers cannot be found. I have learned that this situation stays for ages so I hang immediately and redial.
Sometimes, it stays online for literally 2 minutes and hangs up the connection. None of these problems occur with other ISPs, i've tested some on pay as you go accounts.
I just wish there was some way to get bt to take this seriously. If I email them, I get a reply (standard template they have set up) telling me all the checks to make and call bt to have the line checked. I get the line/exchange checked every two days. The phone side are blaming the internet side and vice versa, I just get passed from pillar to post.
I get the feeling its since broadband became more common and its a way to force people to change, but bt dont do broadband in my street as my exchange is too far away.

  wee eddie 21:03 14 Jul 2003

Set up so it will not allow access?

  madPentium 22:25 14 Jul 2003

I dont have zone alarm or anything like it installed, even xp firewall is off.
I run nav 2003 and that's it.

  woodchip 22:30 14 Jul 2003

server too busy

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