British sigh language

  spikeychris 10:44 21 Jun 2003

This Monday I start a 30 week SL course, anyone know of any good software to help me along. I've been here click here (just know).


  VoG® 10:51 21 Jun 2003

You've probably already found this Chris but I'll post it anyway click here

  mikef. 10:56 21 Jun 2003

Couldn't find any software but lots of links at google click here as you said click here looks pretty useful

  Forum Editor 10:59 21 Jun 2003

click here must have a couple of hundred related links - many of which might be of interest.

  Sir Radfordin? 11:08 21 Jun 2003

Not software, but the local BBC news at lunchtime (just before they used to show Neighbours before the tennis came along and spoiled things!) they have someone summing up the news in sign language, it may be helpful to watch that to see if you can pick things up.

  mikef. 11:22 21 Jun 2003

Mid afternoon local broadcast does that in the Midlands and ITV do a round up on Sunday's with sign language.

  Audeal 11:52 21 Jun 2003

Sir Radfordin? . "it may be helpful to watch that to see if you can pick things up." I know from experience that you can not just "pick things up", you need to be trained in these things.

Twenty-five years ago I wanted to learn Signing but it is also necessary for everybody around you to learn it also. My wife refused to learn it even for my benefit. ( I divorced her a couple of years later ).

I also spent two years learning Lip Reading. I am no better at it than when I first started.

Some things are and art, which you either have it or you don't. I don't.

  Sir Radfordin 12:08 21 Jun 2003

Having never attempted to learn it I was just guessing that it would be helpful to be in an environment where it was used. If learning to speak another lanugage its normally accepted that you hear it even if you don't understand it.

I woudln't expect anyone to learn SL just by watching TV but it *may* be helpful to use it as a tool along side other learning techniques.

  spikeychris 12:19 21 Jun 2003

Ta very much, got my lazy head on today ;o) I'll read them latter...mowing to be done.

NB (just know) = just now


  jazzypop 12:44 21 Jun 2003

I haven't trawled through all the previous links, but you might like this free Dingbat font that consists of sign language icons - click here

Unfortunately, I only ever learnt Makaton ( a similar sign language, specifically designed for communicating with mentally handicapped people who also needed to use sign language), so I can't tell you whether the font is British, US or some other form of sign language.

BTW, the site has a very, very good selection of high-quality free fonts.

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