Britannica 2006 concise unreadable fonts in index

  Saucy Gnomes 20:53 23 Jan 2006

I've loaded this from the free CD. No errors were reported when loading but I am unable to read the A-Z index panel as all the text is in an unusual symbol-greek-like font (and not one I knowingly have for other applications). Cutting and pasting, to Word, the individual lines in the index enables me to read the line of the index but that is hardly appropriate.

I can't identify the font and if I could should I delete it or has the CD messed up my PC?

  bluto1 22:41 23 Jan 2006

Saucy Gnomes,
Hi, I`ve tried to load it and fell at the point they asked for the authorisation code. Where is it?
With your problem the only thing I could think of was that you`d probably missed where they asked for a preferred language, although I doubt it.

  bluto1 22:47 23 Jan 2006

Saucy Gnomes,
Try this B6NA1AYAA0034017. Just picked it up from another post.

  CHAIRLEG 22:50 23 Jan 2006

It has its own uninstaller maybe you should uninstall and then try again.I have it on my comp and it's ok.

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