A brilliant virus, or what?

  Newuser3605 18:53 24 Dec 2007

My computer boots up just fine and runs really well - until yesterday, when everything goes well except the screen has not icons or a "start" tray. In fact it only has the background picture. I have tried clicking everywhere but nothing happens. I have started in safe mode where it shows a completely black screen with the four safe mode signs in the corners.
Is this a new virus? I have run the usual removers without any success. If so, it is very effective as I cannot even get started. I can access this hard drive as a secondary drive and it all seems fine apart from not being able to access it normally.
I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

  Thalmus 18:59 24 Dec 2007

Sounds like explorer is not starting on startup.

To get everything back press ctrl+alt+del and bring up taskmanager. click file > New Task, and type "explorer.exe" (no quotes).

To stop it happening again, click start > run and type "sfc /scannow", you'll need your windows disk and that should sort it.

  Technotiger 19:01 24 Dec 2007

Right-click on desktop, hover over Arrange icons by, then left-click on Show desktop icons.

  Newuser3605 20:28 24 Dec 2007

Many thanks Talmus.
I feel sure your solution would have worked but when I tried I got a box saying
" Taskmanager has been disabled by your administrator"
I don't have an administrator and this seems quite extraordinary.
Technotiger, nothing happens when I left or right click on page.
Thanks for trying.

  rdave13 20:34 24 Dec 2007

Maybe a repair? click here

  Stuartli 21:03 24 Dec 2007

Try System Restore from Safe Mode.

  p;3 21:24 24 Dec 2007

you do not say if you have recently opened an email or gone to a risky site or have used P2P stuff to get yourself infected?

also your OS and what protection you have and run

  rdave13 22:03 24 Dec 2007

Safe Mode not available as Newuser3605 said in first post, :)

  Newuser3605 22:40 24 Dec 2007

Many thanks for trying to help.
It may have been a dodgy site but I'm not going to admit it even if it that was the case. It was XP Pro.
I think I will have to buy a new hard drive and transfer stuff but, in the meantime, I'll keep trying the virus programs.
Thanks again.

  rdave13 23:04 24 Dec 2007

How do you get to the antivirus programs?

  p;3 01:18 25 Dec 2007

it might help to know A way forward if you would have the grace to tell us if you DID go to a dodgy site or have used P2P stuff, or opened a dodgy email; the damage has been done;why not own up and let us help you to sort it? if you cannot get it into normal mode how will you be loading up the programs ; which antivirus program and what other portection DO you have ? and have you been file sharing ?or using MSN?

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