Novis 10:46 13 Jun 2003

With only 2GB of hard drive, running Windows 95 I'm fairly restricted but, about to re-install my operating system I'm interested to know which downloads / software other users have found to be the most useful (and for what?) for
a) general housekeeping
b) security purposes
c) other indispensable purposes: i.e. now they have it they can't live without it and wish they'd known about it years ago


  soy 12:09 13 Jun 2003


I just recently dicovered 'PowerArchiver'. Its used to compress and decompress various file formats such as ZIP, RAR, JAR, CAB etc. Zip and RAR being the most common for me.

Before, I had winzip and winRAR running now I just have POwerARchiver which opens almost every file format there is. It makes my right-click menu tidier and shorter.

Winamp3 is great Musicplayer, I find it much nicer to use than Windows player.

RegVac is a really easy to use System optimizer. It cleans the registry and system of unused files left behind from unistalls etc. Much better than JV-16 powertools which I used before.

WS_FTP pro, I really good FTP client. I use it to upload website files to my webspace. Its very easy to use.

  vinnyT 12:32 13 Jun 2003

Ontrack Powerdesk, a file manager, so much better than Explorer.

  vinnyT 12:34 13 Jun 2003

Sorry forgot, download free version (5) from pcadvisors' dload page at click here

  Terrahawk 12:35 13 Jun 2003

First and formost a good antivirus a must have on any machine follwed by a good firewall especially on broadband spybot/addware keep that spyware tracking stuff of your machine both free to use jv16 good for cleaning up the odds and ends and winzip good compresion decrompresion tool their is a winzip 9beta available but if you are not conversant with winzip go for 8.1
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
all links are for software either shareware or free to us

  Terrahawk 12:36 13 Jun 2003

hmmm free to use even

  Belatucadrus 12:54 13 Jun 2003

click here for a posting with some usefull freeware links in. With the space you have take a look at Antivir anti virus click here and kerio2 firewallclick here . Both small downloads when compared with the competition.

Another good Explorer replacement is 2xExplorer, it has many built in features including a file shredder. click here

I also use Avast! Virus checker with in-built e-mail support and very easy to update.
New version 4 now available.
click here

  Agent Smith 15:19 13 Jun 2003

I use Sidekick. I use it to keep track of appointments, Birthdays, anniversaries etc. Also good for memo's and address books each family member can have their own address book and calendar. I don't think that you can get it any more but I can send a copy if you want it. I'm sure there are other PIMs out there to download. Time and Chaos is another. Regards. Oh yeah and the FE posted an address for an Internet Explorer spell checker which is great. click here

  hugh-265156 15:30 13 Jun 2003

aida32 for info on just about everything you may need to know on your set up click here

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