bridge dll

  leadwellie 13:30 11 Jun 2004

I recently had a problem with the W32/Revop.B worm and thanks to a forum member have been able to resolve that problem.However,I am now left with an annoying error message that appears on start up that reads:- error loading. The specified module could not be found C:\windows\downloaded program files\bridgedll.
Apart from this my PC is OK its just annoying to have to close this erroe message every time I boot up.
Any advice would be welcome.
Many thanks.

  Dan the Confused 13:37 11 Jun 2004

What Windows version do you use?

  rawprawn 13:56 11 Jun 2004

click here you should be able to download it.

  scooby43 14:04 11 Jun 2004

I had this problem have a look at the thread I posted hope it helps.

click here

  rawprawn 15:01 11 Jun 2004

Sorry, I didn't realise it was a nastie.

  woodchip 15:06 11 Jun 2004

Go to Start\Run type REGEDIT go to EDIT in menu and in the find box type bridgedll press enter delete it if it finds it then press F3 to go to next entry and do the same until you get to the end. then close regedit. If it cannot find the above look for bridge.dll

  bremner 16:04 11 Jun 2004

Another recent thread on this with suggestions click here

  Lozzy 16:32 11 Jun 2004

This file is nasty its very well hidden within the regisrty. Unless your very sure of deleting files within the registry I would suggest you use a program call reg healer which will do the job. click here

  caast©? 17:06 11 Jun 2004

leadwellie I have just got an e-mail message, reply to my thread, with a link to this one.

looking at this, the message should have gone to Dan the confused so I am a little confused has to what is going on, and why it has landed in my mailbox

Just hoping there is no nasties lurking on my PC or you have for some reason or other replied to one of my threads by mistake. I am just going to check my postings, with a bit of luck I will find a reply from you. If not I think FE should be looking at the thread and putting our minds at rest. M

I have come across this use Hijack This scan system when scan complete Highlight C:/windows/system/bridge.dll and click Fix
this sould fix the litte bugger for good

  woodchip 17:12 11 Jun 2004

I do think it's PCA site that is not behaving as it should

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