Breoardband Modem 06:18 03 Jul 2007

Hi there,

I have just a quick fairly novice question, but I can find the answer to it anywhere on the internet;

My router has just packed up, and so I ordered a new switch and broardband modem (long story why I did not just replace the rouer!)

I throught you could conect the modem into the switch, however Something I just came across, gave me reason to belive this is not possiable.

Can someone clarify for me?

  skidzy 06:41 03 Jul 2007

I dont know about others,but im confused with your thread.

Please explain clearly.

If you have a BT line,you need an ADSL modem router
If a Cable line,you need modem and router.

Maybe its to early and my brain is not working properly :-)) 06:57 03 Jul 2007

Haha! dw...I think I have confused it all a bit.

Basically, all I want to know, is, can I plag my broardband modem, into my siwtch??

Many thanks. 07:03 03 Jul 2007

spelling> plug my.... 16:36 03 Jul 2007

so this means if i connect the modem to the switch.....i will basically haver no internt?

  robbiepaul79 17:00 03 Jul 2007

Why use the switch at all and not just the modem.

What people are assuming is that you share your internet connection with more than one computer. 17:35 03 Jul 2007

I want to share a always on connection through my domain based network. My router has packed up, so I thought I could get a bigish switch, and a modem, then connect the modem to the switch.

And have an always on Internet connection (Not dependant as to wheather the computer attached to the modem is on or not. 17:40 03 Jul 2007

but I guess not! Now i'm stumped! :S

  robbiepaul79 10:35 04 Jul 2007

Ok it is clear to me now, send the switch and modem back and get another router 16:48 04 Jul 2007

ok! thanks for that! :)

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