Breadcrumb Navigation on 1&1 Shop

  murgle 21:46 01 Feb 2005


Does anybody know how to turn on the breadcrumb Navigation in 1&1 settings. I used to have it but have some how switched it off.


  murgle 19:50 06 Feb 2005

Anybody? please

  megat193 20:22 06 Feb 2005

I have accounts with 1&1, but I cannot figure out to what you are referring... more info?

  murgle 20:43 06 Feb 2005

What I am trying to do is allow links at the top of each page which show you where you are in the website. I believe this is called Breadcrumb Navigation?

  megat193 23:18 06 Feb 2005

Sorry, I am not familiar with the term. Other than suggesting shared borders and a navigation bar, hopefully, Forum Editor, Taran, PurplePenny or one of the other extremely knowledgeable posters will pick up on your thread and give you the solution.

Good Luck.

  phil 07:18 07 Feb 2005

If you're referring to the buttons at the top of the page, ie. Home, Mail, Domain etc then these are javascript buttons.

If you can't see them it may be because you do not have Java enabled on your PC.

To get it click here

  murgle 07:33 07 Feb 2005

Sorry, it is probably me not explaining properly.

I will try and find a website which has the links I am talking about and will revert.


  murgle 07:41 07 Feb 2005

This is a reply I received from Taran when I asked for advice on my new Website:

A breadcrumb navigation trail is where when you click a link button and go to a new page, a series of text links at the top of the page tells you where you are in the site and offers a quick method of getting back. I use them sometimes and the easiest way of implementing them is with SSI [Server Side Includes].

Say for the sake of argument that you have a sub-category of your site for Nissan, Subaru and Toyota. Your visitor clicks on Nissan from the main homepage, then selects a link in that category for Nissan Skyline GT-R vehicles. A breadcrumb navigation system would give you a series of text links along the top of the page like this:

YourSite-->> Nissan -->> Nissan Skyline GT-R

I know there is a simple click of a button somewhere in the 1&1 settings to enable this because I have seen it before, but just cant find out where it was. I have spoken to 1&1 tech support but they don't know what I am trying to do.

Many thanks.

  Taran 09:10 07 Feb 2005

since my name has been mentioned I'll step into the fray.

Breadcrumbs are very useful, but I have no idea at all how anything could be activated in the 1&1 control panel which would affecta site written and published by you.

They may have an option to include something along those lines using their Website Creator, but beyond that guess I can't say that I've ever seen the option in the 1&1 Control Panel.

If you have PHP support (or ASP for that matter) you can generate the breadcrumb trail dynamically so that each visitor will get their own trail depending on which pages they visit.

My orignal suggestion of SSI would also work, as long as you recode your page header area to include an SSI with the relevant code in it.

I really can't see how a turn on/switch off control panel element coulc do what you want since sooner or later you will have to include some code on your pages to display the breadcrumb trail.

In short, I've no clue about the 1&1 option you say you've seen.

I can advise on how to create the links dynamically though, but it will involve hacking your original page code and I will need to know what your web host package supports.


  murgle 09:30 07 Feb 2005

Thanks for the reply Taran. I don't want the breadcrumb navigation to be implemented in to the Website I have built but just in to the standard eShop theme I am using with 1&1. It can be viewed here click here .

There was definitely a facility within the advanced settings to turn this on and off but I don't think it was called breadcrumb navigation.


  Taran 11:51 07 Feb 2005

I have never used the 1&1 eShop facility and doubt that I ever will.

On that basis I have nothing to fall back on and can offer no directly useful suggestions regarding the breadcrumb navigation for that element of your site.

Sorry, and good luck.


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