brand new dvd rw drive not working

  student86 15:24 22 Oct 2005

i have a problem with this dvd drive that i have bought. I have mad sure that all the connections(slave or master) are exactly the same as the cd rewriter i am replacing. however nothing happens, the dvd drive is not even opening so i suspected that something was wrong with the power supply. I am also suspecting the sound cable... the cd drive i ma replacing did not have a sound cable attached to it but this new dvd drive has one in the box so i cannot figure out were to connect it to. help please.

  splork 15:35 22 Oct 2005

If the tray won't open then IDE and sound connections are the least of your worries, you need to establish that it's getting power first. If you still have the old drive, power off, take the plug out of the new DVD drive, plug it into the old drive, power on, see if the old one has any life.

  grabster 15:40 22 Oct 2005

I would double check all connections again, have a good look all round inside, maybe something worked loose while you fitted the drive.Also i woudnt worry about the sound cable ,i have changed drives many times and never fitted the sound cable, i think it only needs fitting if you want to connect headphones directly to the drive unit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 22 Oct 2005

sound cable only needed for old audio cards

headphone socket on drive not ammplifed works direct off drive and volume control on drive only affects headphone socket.

Drive led should light during post if not then either no power or IDE cable not fully inserted

D shaped molex power plug inserts with rounded edges upward.

  student86 16:19 22 Oct 2005

i have removed it and put in the old drive. it is working perfectly. i am begning to think that something might be wrong with the drive that i bought, do you have any advice for me or should i just go back to the shop with it?

  splork 16:39 22 Oct 2005

Take it back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 22 Oct 2005

If old one works and new doesn't then return it.

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