brand new desktop pc set up with TV instead of monitor Wont work???

  DylPick5 21:17 25 Apr 2013

I have just bought a new desktop pc from trusting website that sells there own custom built pc's which still needs to be set up with windows to be installed, i bought this without a monitor as i thought i would just use my Samsung LCD TV instead, i have tried to connect my desktop to my tv via HDMI which was greeted by "no signal" i also tried another HDMI cable which gave the same result. I then tried it on the down stairs TV which is abit more modern which was a Phillips LCD TV, i tried the desktop with both hdmi cables on that but to no avail, i then tried my mums all in one pc which can also be used as a screen with hdmi ports... same result. i then tried a VGA cable on my original Samsung lcd tv, this time the tv seems to pick something up when i swich through the ports it has "PC" which is right before HDMI1 but the tv then goes into some sort of stand by once i'm on the "PC" Channel. i also tried this vga cable with a little lg tv and that came up no signal. i have also checked all forms of settings on all of the tv's also.

also when i search for help on websites everything i seem to find is how to troubleshoot getting an already set up desktop to work on a tv, and normally this is via doing sed things and settings on the computer which i cant do because i have no screen in which to do this.

so i'm thinking do i need a monitor so that my pc can detect that and vice verser and from there set up my pc install windows and troubleshoot then to be able to use my tv, or do i need another form of cable like vga to hmdi, or is my computer broke or am i a complete naive idiot buying a custom built pc.

any help on this would be amazing, thanks to anyone who reads this.

this is a link to the pc i have, in case this helps somehow

  Nontek 22:17 25 Apr 2013

It should work with a normal VGA cable - I use a Samsung TV/PC Monitor with my laptop. On my Samsung TV Remote control there is a Source button which, on pressing cycles through PC/Ext/AV etc, to use as PC Monitor I choose PC, to use as TV I press the TV/DTV button on the Remote handset. I assume you do have a TV aerial connected too.

I hope this goes some way to helping.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:20 25 Apr 2013

You need to set the graphics card to HDmi output - you can't do that because you cannot see the settings

Connect VGA to Pc and TV set TV to PC input and boot the PC

The TV should work with the basic drivers built into BIOS You can then install windows and motherboard drivers and all other drivers.

sounds like you have already found how to set HMDI in windows

  Nontek 22:20 25 Apr 2013

Also of course, make sure you PC is switched on and started in the normal way!

  woodchip 10:14 26 Apr 2013

You need to use a Monitor to get the Operating System on before it will work as a monitor. The Desktop I am using Now is connected to a Sharp 32ins Led TV, they do not fully work like a monitor. as if you switch to TV while Desktop switched on, you cannot go back to pc as it will not see it

  woodchip 10:17 26 Apr 2013

PS mine is connected DVI on PC to HDMI TV

  Chronos the 2nd 10:21 26 Apr 2013

I can switch back and forth between TV and PC and I have a rubbish TV as a third monitor.

Though I must admit I have never used a TV as a monitor before Windows was installed so no idea whether it makes a difference. Though I might try it later as I have a test setup,modo, SSD, RAM and PSU I can use to try it out.

Cannot do this till this afternoon as I am off to get a Prodigy case powder coated and a couple of bits spray painted for a mod I am working on.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:40 26 Apr 2013

As I type my naff Bush TV with VGA connection to my test setup is installing windows 7. So I am thinking that you are missing something on your TV. Make sure that input is set to PC.

  Nontek 14:00 26 Apr 2013

I too can switch back and forth between TV and PC simply using the TV Remote.

  bumpkin 15:16 26 Apr 2013

Can't you borrow a monitor just to get it up and running, then address the TV problems.

  BRYNIT 16:30 26 Apr 2013

New computers can utilise a TV Via HDMI as a monitor without having an OS or drivers installed. After connecting the Computer to the TV via HDMI turn the computer on and make sure the TV is set to the correct HDMI channel.

As you have already checked the HDMI cable and I assume you had the TV on the correct HDMI channel I would look inside the case. Has the card or any cables come loose, just re seating the card may help

If you do not want to open the case I would suggest contacting the seller.

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