Brand new Asus ee PC runs slowly

  mco 15:15 29 May 2013

Hello there. I'm not sure if this is a problem or if it is a feature - 2 weeks ago I bought an Asus eepc X101CH - for occasional use when travelling at conferences etc. All I installe was Chrome, Libre Office and Pidgin and I haven't created any files so far. It works but it seemed so slow - ie, internet pages taking a while to come up,downloads taking longer than on my laptopl, presentation slides taking a while to go from one to another - that I wondered if it was faulty. I am not expecting super fast but surely having to wait several seconds didn't seem right. I took it to PC World who - without looking at it said it was probably ok, "just slow" - so I wondered if there is anything I can check myself to see if that is the case (in which case I might pass it on and buy something else, or convert it to Ubuntu instead) or if it really IS faulty and I can get it fixed under warranty? CPU usage seems to average around 20-30%. Thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 15:43 29 May 2013

Cannot help you with your problem except that PC world is probably not the best place to seek advice if you are having difficulties.

Can you not return it to where you bought it?

Have you tried a factory reset, which will restore it back to when you bought it and try surfing the net and see it is fine or not.

According to the blurb it should be a reasonably fast netbook so perhaps it is faulty?

  mco 16:09 29 May 2013

Thanks for replying! I bought it at that same PC World :) They offered to do a factory reset but I figured that since it was slow right from when I took it out of the box, a factory reset wouldn't make any difference. Perhaps I should do one myself after all?

  Forum Editor 16:23 29 May 2013

I have one of these machines, and it certainly doesn't run slowly. It's not as fast as my primary laptop, but then I didn't expect it to be. It runs Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and several other business applications, and as far as I'm concerned it performs very well.

If yours is as slow as you say it is, there's something not right. Try uninstalling Pidgin, and see what it's like then.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:25 29 May 2013

I would do a factory reset then if it still is giving you problems take it back and insist that they take a look at it. Just saying it is slow is not good cuisstomer service but unfortunately par for the course with PC World.

  mco 14:51 30 May 2013

Thanks both. I have uninstalled Pidgin but it doesn't seem to make any difference (and I do need a jabber client) I've also read around and several reviews do seem to suggest I'm maybe expecting a bit too much from it - I will do the factory reset and then make a decision.

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