boxes with red crosses in I/E

  chiquita 21:46 24 Sep 2005

e-mails from commercial organisations that contain images have just started to appear with blank areas with little boxes containing red crosses. There have been 2 people trying to get an answer from the magazine help pages and I have followed the advice as well as I can but get no joy.The suggested cure in Tools..Options..Security
didn't work and there is no message at the top of the page to say that pictures have been blocked to prevent the sender from identifying my computer,click here to download pictures.
Images from friends come through.
Can anyone advise please?
Thanks Chiquita

  Jackcoms 21:49 24 Sep 2005

Assuming your e-mail client is OE, go to Tools; Options; Security. Ensure that the box "Block images and other external content...." is NOT ticked.

  VoG II 21:52 24 Sep 2005

Are you still connected to the internet when trying to view these?

  chiquita 21:59 24 Sep 2005

jackcoms, Thanks for the reply, I have seen that option but on my PC which is Win Me, the box says Block images that I think may be viruses so I have left the tick in. When I open O/E next I will try your suggestion and any others that come through.
Just seen an error in my thread, For I/E please read O/E. Sorry and thanks. H

  chiquita 22:01 24 Sep 2005

Vog, Yes I am still connected when trying to open the boxes

  Jackcoms 22:02 24 Sep 2005

"When I open O/E next"

When? Next week? Next month??

Why not now? It only takes a moment.

  chiquita 22:07 24 Sep 2005

Jackcoms If I open now there may not be a message and due to my circumstances, which you may find amusing it is not as easy as you may think!
The prob is not on this laptop but on my setup in a room I have built in my garage as I live in a very small cottage without room for a PC, scanner and printer which is all connected up outside.
So I will have to try tomorrow AM. thanks to all.

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