box opens on click here links

  johnnyrocker 23:40 08 Jan 2007

i find that on this site that facility has now stsrted working again, i tried to find an original post about this without success but in the last twenty minutes it has now started working again was it a pca prob now rectified?


  johnnyrocker 23:43 08 Jan 2007

i have just tried it again on same links in a post and now it does not whats going on?


  woodchip 23:44 08 Jan 2007

May have just been your ISP acting up. Mine did other day could not get anything. No Web pages at all

  skidzy 23:45 08 Jan 2007

Hi Jonny

Not totally sure what you mean,i always right click and open in new tab in firefox.

  johnnyrocker 23:52 08 Jan 2007

have windows xp pro sp2 usually in the past ( and there was a posting about it ) whe one hovered over a "click here link" a yellow box opened up to the right of the hover giving web address etc this vanished for a long time although the id appeared in the bottom left of task bar, for one link tonight it worked as used to but not now so where is the prob?


  skidzy 23:57 08 Jan 2007

Have you checked to see if your javascript is unticked.

I often have mine unticked to stop these,if im on the right wavelenght.Thats in Firefox.

  skidzy 23:59 08 Jan 2007

Sorry Johnny,forget my last posting,i see what you mean now.Though i must admit,i had'nt noticed before.

  johnnyrocker 09:19 09 Jan 2007

any ideas daytime shift?


  johnnyrocker 09:19 09 Jan 2007

any ideas daytime shift?


  anskyber 09:34 09 Jan 2007

I think you may mean tooltips which show on mouse hover? Tweak Ui click here and chose General, tick tooltips may do it.

  johnnyrocker 09:44 09 Jan 2007

well i have it now and under general there is only two items and no tool tips, seems intermittent cos not working today but last night was.


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