Bouned mails and the reason

  jack 09:19 01 Dec 2010

With an impending E-mail address change looming I worked through my address book advising those who need to know- and editing out those that no longer apply.
One such mail I sent 'Bounced'
As it was to my daughter I thought 'strange'
However the reason given was

Unknown address error 550-'RCPT TO: [email protected]> Mailbox disk quota exceeded' (delivery attempts: 0)

Which I had not seen before.
Then I thought- she uses her laptop for work almost exclusively[teachers reports and the like] and seldom goes online- So would this mean then that her server mailbox is full and can accept no more input?

  Woolwell 09:54 01 Dec 2010

Could be.

  lotvic 10:40 01 Dec 2010

Yes, her server mailbox is full.
She could alter the setting on her laptop for mail to be deleted from server after *number of days.
Though it may be that her spam folder on the server has taken up the quota and she would have to go on her webmail to empty that. There should be a setting on the webserver to empty it after *days.

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