Bouncing e-mails

  Alan Ryan 21:18 28 Apr 2004

One of my correspondents reports (by telephone) that his e-mails to me are being "bounced" back to him (and never arrive at my Inbox). As far as I'm aware, no e-mails from other senders have failed to arrive. Any suggestions please about what might be wrong in this case and how I can put it right ? Thanks.

  Wilham 22:17 28 Apr 2004

Suggest he unticks out-going mail scan on his PC, if set, and see if that works.
Symptom can be caused by too many anti-virus upgrades.

  Alan Ryan 22:29 28 Apr 2004

Thanks: will try your suggestion in the morning
and see whether it works.

  Wilham 22:29 28 Apr 2004

The timing error because of slow virus scan on outgoing email produces a 'sent' when it hasn't in fact left the PC.

True bounce-back should come with its own explanation for failed delivery.

  Alan Ryan 22:36 28 Apr 2004

OK Wilham: will discover what explanation came with the bounce back and see how the case stands then. Thanks.

  Bazz2000 22:46 28 Apr 2004

find out if it is just you he cant send mail to. Is he recieving mail ok?

  Alan Ryan 22:50 28 Apr 2004

Yes, he's receiving mail OK, but I don't know yet whether it's just me who he can't send to.

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