Bounced mails- you didn't send!

  jack 14:07 04 Dec 2005

Had two this morning-
Have the devils found a new way to plague us?

One purporting to come from a Travel Co
and other from some one I've never heard of
Both deleted un opened.
If you are sure you did not send a message in the first place dont let curiosity trap one into opening a new can of worms.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:18 04 Dec 2005

Lots of spam comes to me as

RE: subject line

and I know well that I never sent a mail with that subject line, nor indeed do I know who its from.

Anyway, mailwasher does a good job at clearing out spam for me.

  jack 14:32 04 Dec 2005

Yes my protection at the server as well as onboard protection keeps unwanted stuff well away -someitmes i wonder if stuff I should have read never arrives- we shall never know -
I commented because t these two seemed to have found a way in.

  chesterfield 15:03 04 Dec 2005

sounds like a virus a friend of mine currently has as well. your email address is being spoffed (imitated) and used to send out spam.

the virus is probably on a machine of someone who has your email address in the address book.

this is the really annoying thing as until that person does soemthing about it, you're going to keep getting this type of mail

  keewaa 15:06 04 Dec 2005

Is there any way to track who a virus email is coming from? If I look at properties of the email is the IP address going to be the originating computer or do viruses like this disguise the originating IP. If I can identify certain ones I receive I might be able to help / alert people who have me in their address book and don't know their computer is infected.

But maybe it is a waste of time : Once someone gets infected do they generally email out their address book to a central spam computer DB in which case it's pointless tracing individual people?

  jack 19:39 04 Dec 2005

Thanks for all that - Just another bug to hassle us I guess

  Bagsey 22:35 04 Dec 2005

Delete them asap as I have found MOST of them contain a version of the NETSKI Virus.

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