bounce emails back to sender

  Alfredo 11:33 23 Sep 2006

does anybody know of a free application that i could install that would bounce emails back to sender? i'm getting lots of spam mail trying to sell me shares , insurance etc , and i would like to bounce the damm things straight back to them . hope someone can help ...... alf

  VoG II 11:34 23 Sep 2006

Please don't bounce - it just confirms your existence and clogs up the internet.

  Jackcoms 11:35 23 Sep 2006

Use this click here to filter out your spam

  Pine Man 11:52 23 Sep 2006

VoG™ is correct and in addition the people you would be bouncing them back to don't even know their address is being used to send the spam.

  terryf 11:59 23 Sep 2006

Try setting up message rules for messages containg certain words or no subject or a subject without vowels. Send these directly to the deleted folder BUT be careful, if as happened to me today relatives or friends use akeyword in their message you may not notice. I also use 'block sender' and this seems successful. As mentioned above, don't bounce' it confirms that they have caught a live one. My ISP (Eclipse) operates a spam filter that seems to work for me, I have had no complaints from people accusing me of ignoring them.

  Jackcoms 12:04 23 Sep 2006

"Try setting up message rules for messages containg certain words or no subject or a subject without vowels"

Which is precisely what Mailwasher allows you to do - but it's a bit more sophisticated than simply sending Spam straight to the Deleted Items folder

  Enoch 14:07 23 Sep 2006

I have tried all these supposedly good Spam defenders, but I have found the simple way to do the same job, without installing any third party programmes.

Simply, initally go into your ISP's home page-> members area->members email->username and password. Then clear all the rubbish at that point. Then download the emails you want, without fear of virus's, porn info, finance help, universities, etc., etc.

  GaT7 14:39 23 Sep 2006

MailWasher's the least hassle (but don't use the 'bounce' feature for reasons already mentioned). No browsing or logging-in required - the unwanted emails can be easily deleted within the program before they reach your PC.

There's still a free beta version 2beta28 with unlimited email accounts (Jackcom's link has a limit of 1 email account) that can be downloaded from click here. G

  ianeon 18:52 23 Sep 2006

This may interest you,click here it is an Australian site and they advocate "bouncing" junk mail. They also show methods of doing so.
Personally I use Mailwasher Pro and I "bounce" all unsolicatated mail. I also "bounce" junk "snail mail" by re-posting it in the mail box.
I don't get junk mail on a Saturday or a Sunday, perhaps the spammers don't work weekends.

  GaT7 19:27 23 Sep 2006

The problem with that is most junk mail are from 'spoofed' (or whatever they call it) email addresses. They are NOT real or belong to innocent people. So bouncing these will end up nowhere, or WORSE find it's way to innocent people like you & me - & even MORE spam!! Unfortunately, the REAL spammers are NOT affected in any way.

Another problem with bouncing is that, as VOG rightly mentioned, clogs up the Internet. It does nobody any favours including yourself, so I hope you'll see the wisdom in not doing it any longer. G

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