Bought a new MB and ....

  Derek 09:07 22 Jul 2007

This PCI Express business, I'm confused.
Just of late I've had so much trouble with this PC I'm using now that I've decided to build a new one. This is after taking all the advice from all the threads I've started.

I've come home with an AS Rock AliveXFire-eSATA2
this board has a small bluish card inserted in the PCIE Switch slot with another identical AGP slot beside it.

I've also bought an upmarket noiseless PSU to suit the board along with 1024 667 Mhz 5400 240 pin DDR2.The new CPU is an Athlon 64 AM2 3200+ 2.4 Gh.

I'm going to install my 2 large IDE's and CD's units. I hope you all approve.

I'm going quite well with the build but I have two queries.

#1. Should I have bought 2 mem sticks of 512 DDR2 rather than the one 1024 so as to get best advantage.

#2. Cannot understand this business of the graphics department. I thought that if I bought this board, I could just plug my monitor in but that's not the case.
It looks as though I have to buy another Graphics card since I don't know whether my Radeon 9800 Pro will be of use.

By the way ! Please don't ask me to "Click Here" on anything because if I do, this PC just freezes !

I'm so looking forward to receiving some help. Kindest regards Derek Miles.

  Gongoozler 10:01 22 Jul 2007

Hi Derek. If you right click on a link, do you get an option to open the link in a new window. I want to refer you to a picture of your motherboard so that we can discuss some of your questions. Try this link click here.

  Gongoozler 10:09 22 Jul 2007

The mystery of the "small bluish card"

"The board's layout is a little perplexing. It has two full-size PCIe slots, but both of them are only PCIe x8 slots. ASRock supplies a "PCIe Switch Card", which needs to be installed in the first PCIe slot in order to redirect its eight lanes down to the second slot. This needs to be done so that a single graphics card can run in PCIe x16 mode. PCIe x16 mode is necessary if you want to reap the performance benefits of high resolution and high detail games, using a single high-end graphics card, but either slot will run a graphics card just fine in x8 mode. In a dual-card CrossFire configuration, the "PCIe Switch Card" needs to be removed so that both graphics cards can be installed. The "PCIe Switch Card" inhibits the board's expansion possibilities as it leaves only one PCIe x1 slot open when PCIe x16 mode is enabled on the other PCIe slots. The board already suffers from a shortage of fixed USB 2.0 ports (there are only two on the rear panel, and two available via an expansion bracket but there are four internal pin-headers) and lacks FireWire, so it's not the best board if you want to use a lot of expansion cards and peripheral devices." from this site click here;1776357743;pid;3566;pt;1

  Gongoozler 10:12 22 Jul 2007

That link should be click here
or if you want to type it in yourself (without the spaces http: //

  Derek 11:36 22 Jul 2007

Thank you Mr G, some great reading and I understand completely what you've explained, with regret - the only site I can hit and open is this our PCA Site. Anything else just locks up.

I'm not and never was a 'games' chap and when I explained to the gent ( the seller) , I explained that I just wanted a very good motherboard that would suit me for future upgrades. I also explained that according to my understanding, I wanted a PCI express MB because I could just plug my monitor in. This I know now that this isn't the case. I also told him I wanted to use my 300Gb IDE hard drives. I now know that I cannot.

So off to the Computer Fair once again.

Best wishes Derek Miles.

  Gongoozler 12:09 22 Jul 2007

To view the link, right click on it, select "Copy shortcut", open a new instance of Internet Explorer and paste the shortcut into the address bar.

  Derek 11:39 28 Jul 2007

Many thanks to all of you. I've gone back and changed the motherboard along with associated bits, put them together and I'm going again.

Just waiting around now for the next 'banana' !!

Again my thanks to all.

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