bought a domain - now what!

  matdysign 00:50 10 Jun 2004

got the domain through getdotted - twinned with freeola a hosting service - all a bit confusing - well, it says its host for free - but, you have to sign up for a internet service with freeola......... i have a isp already of course.... any free hosting sites....thanks

  hssutton 08:50 10 Jun 2004

I would have thought that your ISP will host your domain, My ISP offers free hosting + free transfer of domain

  stlucia 08:50 10 Jun 2004

I know you asked for a free one, but Freenetname click here do it for £2.50 a month (they used to be free, hence the name), if that's any help.

  MartinT-B 11:41 10 Jun 2004

I host with, who are NOT my ISP (blueyonder cable).

I use mine for emails mainly, as I wanted to have a permanent email address. Their basic package (clarahost light) is £29.99 pa (incl VAT) click here

  pj123 14:58 10 Jun 2004

I found the same thing as you. My first domain name was with Freeola but I found you could only upload, download, amend or edit the site via Freeola (and like you I already had an ISP). When I tried to transfer to another hosting service it took Freeola 6 months to release the tag. My existing hosting service is not free (nothing is for free) but at least I can make changes 24/7 now.

  pj123 14:23 12 Jun 2004

Regardles of whether you get a "free host" or not, unless Freeola have changed their system recently you still won't be able to do anything with your domain name without going via Freeola. Which was the reason I got mine transferred.

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