bought from asda eminem 8 mile but wont play on my

  frankie 23:54 27 Nov 2005

bought from asda eminem 8 mile but wont play on my pc xp pro full spec its a dvd tried its own player and windows media comes up with error and stops why? is not a copy nothing on back explains why there should be a prob ?

  SG Atlantis 23:56 27 Nov 2005

have you tried it in a normal dvd player (under the TV type)?

Does your drive play other original dvd's fine?

  MAJ 00:00 28 Nov 2005

You could try explaining the problem properly, frankie, there's no hurry so typing in pigeon English is not necessary.

Do you have any DVD software installed, something like WinDVD or PowerDVD?

  frankie 00:00 28 Nov 2005

yes home dvd plays it fine no prob thanks for help

  SG Atlantis 00:02 28 Nov 2005

have you got real player? try that.

Also give the disk a wipe.

Good luck

  frankie 00:03 28 Nov 2005

huh,pigeon english???????? maj what part is confusing??????????

  frankie 00:05 28 Nov 2005

wiped and breathed on disc is same wont play on pc.but fine in home and wont play on real thanks

  SG Atlantis 00:07 28 Nov 2005

Have you changed the region of the drive?

my computer, right click the drive and choose properties.

  MAJ 00:08 28 Nov 2005

No matter, frankie, it wont play if you don't have any DVD software installed, XP doesn't come with a DVD decoder, you need to install one to watch DVDs.

  frankie 00:10 28 Nov 2005

have not changed drive as mine was always region 2.this just says english dts universal its from asda cant be a copy surely for £6

  SG Atlantis 00:16 28 Nov 2005

It won't be. Have you got powerdvd, nero showtime or other software to try?

I have no more ideas for you sorry.

Try downloading this player, it's good

click here

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