Bothered about new Vister look

  Migwell 15:43 17 Mar 2007

I for one have only had a quick look at Vista on display in shops and feel that, like when XP came out some people wanted to keep the look of 98, that they were familiar with and could change back and forth with. Can we keep the look of XP after installing Vista, and go back and forward to the look of XP and Vista?

Second thought, re: Stuartli’s submission in, Isn't Vista not just a fancy XP?. Way back on 10/2/2007 regarding a program making XP look like Vista. After it is installed can it be un-installed again to return the op system to the previous XP look or are you stuck with the new Vista look.

I only ask this because I am bothered that I might not like the new look all the time and not want to keep it. Even if I were to up grade to Vista for the security aspect I feel I will long for the XP look which I am very happy with. The look of Vista being that pretty dose not bother me in the slightest at this time, as I usually end up preferring what I am used to. I know it will take me a long time to get used to the new look.

  skidzy 16:00 17 Mar 2007

Ive it to be very similar to xp with lots of new features,either you like them or you dont im afraid.

Finding your way around is again similar to xp,with a little extra added here and there.

The submission you mention " Isn't Vista not just a fancy XP? " probably yes it is,but more secure and with the search function for example so much better.

Im not one to give this (Vista) the total thumbs up just yet,as ive only played around with it now for a week.

But first impressions are very good.

I would say this though,at the moment,the biggest issue's are the drivers especially usb modem drivers.

If you dont like the hassle,wait a while before trying Vista...though you may be ok and everything runs ok for you.

  Migwell 00:18 18 Mar 2007

Thanks Skidzy. I was thinking along the example of the side bar which I have tried in conjunction with XP and did not like it at all, so I un-installed it. I just wondered about the other things. a bit like dipping your toe in the water, if to hot or cold and you don't like it you don't do it again for a while but it is good to know these things before you dive in at the deep end and drowned.

  skidzy 09:13 18 Mar 2007

Regarding the sidebar in Vista,its a lot more configurable than the xp versions i have tried in the past and to be honest..i welcome this addition to Vista.

If you can mention your main concerns with Vista,im sure there will be much more advice given.

Vista has its own dvd burning suite that never came with xp,this is good also and saves buying another burning program,though you may prefer Nero/Sonic etc.

If you have other devices,such as printers/scanners/webcams/usb modems that rely on there own drivers...this may be a problem at the moment.As ive mentioned there is a bit of catching up from these third party software vendors.

I was very sceptical of buying Vista and duely responded to other threads similar to this of yours,but after buying a new system with Vista Premium installed...i must say,i like it,though to early to recommend it totally.

  Migwell 23:35 18 Mar 2007

Thanks Skidzy. All in all I think I will stay with XP for at least another year.

The advice I was once given when attempting to buy a new model of car was wait untill mark 2 comes out, by then they will have ironed out the initial problems at other peoples expence.

I think this still holds out true,in particular with Vista.

  Kate B 23:48 18 Mar 2007

No it doesn't. Vista's already different to the RTM that went on sale in January because there have been patches. Any OS is an evolving beast.

Just to restate the point: Vista is an excellent OS, it's not just XP in fancy new clothes. You can adjust the visual stuff if you don't like it, though you can't go back to the ugly Fisher Price look of XP, which I think is a good thing. The issues with the OS are, as skidzy has said, third-party driver and software issues - that's not an inherent fault of Vista itself.

Crossing your arms and huffing sagely about waiting for a year until they iron out the bugs/release SP1 actually shows that you don't know a great deal about it, however wise someone non-technical thinks it makes you sound.

  lotvic 00:10 19 Mar 2007

"Crossing your arms and huffing sagely about waiting for a year until they iron out the bugs/release SP1 actually shows that you don't know a great deal about it, however wise someone non-technical thinks it makes you sound."

Kate B
I don't think that is a very polite thing to say to anyone.

Personally I will be waiting at least a year before I get Vista as I prefer to wait until there are no problems with drivers etc. I will spend that time learning from forums of other peoples experiences with the new OS.
XP does everything I need at present so I am in no hurry to spend my cash.

  ashdav 00:47 19 Mar 2007

I, personally, have found Vista to be bloatware and offers nothing over XP (in the present configuration) except the more visual GUI.
A note to Kate B,being confrontational will ultimately result in your demise.Let other people have their opinions without shooting them down.

  Migwell 11:46 19 Mar 2007

Thanks to lotvic & ashdav. Yes I also thought that Kate B was a bit over the top, she must have a new soap box and needs to try it out, lol. Like you Guy's I feel that I am happy with the look and behavour of XP and think that if M/$ want to extract more money for uncle Bill from us with a new op system then they should have sorted out the driver problems first, themselves. As it is they who rocked the boat with the new op system that is not backwards compatable with existing equipment in a lot of cases and they should have done a lot more than they have to do that.

At that point I rest my case.

PS. Kate B. I like the Fisher Price look of XP who needs all those flying screens floating around.

  Kate B 11:49 19 Mar 2007

I'm perfectly entitled to my opinions - just as people are perfectly entitled to their misguided views about Vista.

Migwell, glad you like the XP look - each to their own.

  ashdav 23:36 20 Mar 2007

Definition of misguided = not agreeing with me....

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