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  wee eddie 12:11 08 Jan 2009

I have the usual selection of Software, regularly updated and run, AVG, Zone Alarm, CCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot S&D.

I have always assumed that this little lot would keep me in the clear.

However! There is this nagging doubt that I may have become part of a Bot Net and not know.

Is there any software that addresses this problem specifically, or have I covered myself sufficiently.

  Clapton is God 13:25 08 Jan 2009

You haven't told us whether or not you have that other piece of 'software' installed - Common Sense.

Assuming you have and don't regularly visit 'dodgy' websites or open e-mail attachments from unknown sources, you've probably got it covered. ;-)

  wee eddie 13:44 08 Jan 2009

I visit many fairly doubtful Websites.

That is why I asked the question.

  Kevscar1 08:15 09 Jan 2009

you mean the .gov ones

  wee eddie 10:17 09 Jan 2009

Not all my "Investment Portfolio" is in the Footsie 100, either!

  skidzy 14:32 09 Jan 2009

" However! There is this nagging doubt that I may have become part of a Bot Net and not know. "

Have you had any infections recently ?
ie,trojans ?

If so,can you post the details...possibly in quarrantine (AVG).

If using a is quite possible that you are part of a Bot Net,but you would have to be unlucky.

The main problem used to be via emails and attatchments,but this has moved on to actual web pages being infected.

Have you had any threats/warnings/demands etc ?

The likelihood of you being part of a Bot Net is remote...but certainly is possible.

  DieSse 23:24 09 Jan 2009

Prevx will give you a free scan and may uncover rootkits and other cloaked software. You have to pay to remove them - but it does give you some peace of mind (or not!).

Prevx click here

Personally I would remove and replace AVG if it's the free version. It does not check for rootkits, nor does it check downloads, or drive-by website infections. Truly appalling IMHO.

I've just spent many hours cleaning a system with masses of infections, including two rootkits, which was supposedly "protected" with AVG free and Spybot (and for sure the AVG was fully updated.)

  wee eddie 10:58 10 Jan 2009

since the late 90's.

skidzy ~ How would I know if I had a Trojan?

DieSse ~ I've read of Rootkits, but again have no idea if I haves one and had no idea that AVG did not cover them.

I think I shall pass on Prevex as it's method is too close to those fake programs that detect/place false threats on your PC to gain your business.

  DieSse 13:13 10 Jan 2009

How would I know if I had a Trojan?

By scanning with programs that detect them.

Spybot - Malwarebytes - Prevex (which is a very reputable company - and I'm not suggesting you but it - just run it and see what itr finds (if anything).

  skidzy 14:04 10 Jan 2009

Prevx is not a rogue program and has a very good database of definitions.It is 100% legit.

As said by DieSse,using Malware scanners will find most but no one scanner will find everything.

TrojanHunter is one of the best for scanning but requires a payment to remove the trojans if here

Something to check if you are seriously worried,is your ports with Shieldsup click here

If you do not have Malwarebytes (Mbam) installed,i suggest you do so immediately click here this is possibly the best around at this time and its free unless you wish to purchase the program that gives you real time protection.

Download Mbam and update,then boot into safemode and run Mbam.

If you have any infections,Mbam should clean most.
It will also produce a log for you,if the log says unable to clean/move the log and we can have a look for you.

Though logs are not recommended to be posted here at PCA,im sure the FE wouldnt mind to much.

On the other hand,if Mbam cannot disinfect or move certain files,you maybe in need of specialist help from somewhere like MWR or VirusVault or Bleeping Computer etc......

Though i do get the impression you are being over cautious,it is easy to take internet security to a paranoid level.

Regarding AVG and its missing components,yes this is true but this also has benefits to use other programs to scan for various issues.

My Safe and Clean computers thread recommends AVG free,and i stand by that,however there are other programs that can be used.
If you use AVG free and will scan your downloads.

Drive-by website infections as DieSse has pointed out are at the moment a serious threat and not a lot any freeware can do about it.
Just simply moving your mouse across the screen can result in an infection.

Overall,i suggest you install Mbam and run in safemode.
Also download and Blacklight with tutorial click here or the newer Sophos Anti-Rootkit click here

If you are still worried after all this,run HiJackThis click here and post the log at one of the specialist forums such as Malwareremoval click here or Virusvault click here or one of your choice,even if its for a piece of mind.

  wee eddie 14:14 10 Jan 2009

As I said ~ It was just a wee niggle, at the back of my mind, rather than total paranoia.

I shall add Malwarebytes to my armoury and do the occasional scan with TrojanHunter.

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