Bose Wave Hi Fi problem

  willyv 09:15 11 Sep 2007

Hi all,
I know this isnt directly PC related but you guys usually manage to sort me out!
My Bose Wave radio has developed a deep intermittent rumble which sounds like thunder. It is not affected by changes to the volume control and seems pretty random in nature- i.e you can listen to radio/cd for 2 mins and its fine then you get a massive bassy rumble and it scares the hell out of you.
The Bose is only a few years old- but warranty expired, but i'd be gutted if it had to be scrapped as it was darned pricey. Any ideas gladly welcomed.

  wee eddie 09:20 11 Sep 2007

Why don't you ask Bose. It may be a known problem with some kind of solution.

The worst that can happen is no reply

  johnnyrocker 10:14 11 Sep 2007

might be something here.

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  skeletal 10:23 11 Sep 2007

Assuming the Bose system is designed along similar lines to most other consumer electronics, the fact that the noise is unaffected by the volume control suggests the problem is with the power amplifier stages.

You also say that at other times the sound is unaffected (i.e. I assume you mean that it is not distorted/loud/quiet etc).

I am also assuming the noise comes from both speakers at the same time.

Putting this together suggests an intermittent problem with the power supply to the power amps which could be a simple as a loose wire or “dry joint” in the soldering.

Looking on the bright side, this may not be as expensive to fix as you may think and should be within the capabilities of local repair men (rather than a specialist Bose outlet). You could try one and ask for an estimate.

I hope I’m on the right track; it’s always hard to try to diagnose stuff like this remotely. If it uses all manner of clever/expensive stuff then all bets are off.

Good luck.


  wee eddie 10:40 11 Sep 2007

that there is something, like a piece of tissue, caught in the Reverb tube

  willyv 19:40 11 Sep 2007

cheers all,
i have followed wee eddie's advice and spoke to bose and they seem pretty cool about repairing the unit- with free courier postage and no or minimal repair costs. got to be the way to go.
thanks again

  realist 21:30 11 Sep 2007

Chuck out your Bose and get one of these
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