bootvis problem

  rickd 17:17 21 Jul 2006

I installed bootvis today to try to find out why my startup has slowed down. However, when I run it, it says I need to "turn on the graph saving" to make it work. Anyone know how I actually do this?? All the stuff I can find on the net is a bit out of date or doesn't mention this step in the guides to running the prog.

  Belatucadrus 17:32 21 Jul 2006

I had the same problem, as I wasn't sure how to do it,so I put Bootvis.exe into a new folder named Bootvis, inside the Programs Files Folder. Then put a shortcut to it in the Start Menu. Worked OK after that.

  rickd 18:30 21 Jul 2006

Thanks, That solved it (I'd saved it to a downloads file)
It shows (i think) that it takes 39 secs to boot. I optimised anyhow.
What I still can't work out is why it then goes to the welcome screen for 33 secs (fine), then loads the wallpaper (fine), but then has a kip where the HD seems to do virtually nothing for exactly 60 secs, before the HD starts up again and loads the desktop.
I guess 2 mins to get started isn't bad, but it used to be a minute!

  rickd 18:32 21 Jul 2006

Forgot to say resolved!

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