Bootup hang after installing Photo Smart C6280

  Drum 13:48 14 Sep 2008

Hello everyone, looking for some help on a problem with my PC which occurred directly after installing an HP All in one Photo Smart C6280.

Instead of taking its normal 30 seconds to boot, my PC now takes something like five minutes, giving almost a screen freeze on startup..
I did a custom install of the software that came with the printer, as I didn't want or have any need for some components of it like the OCR features.
The install seemed to go fine and the printer prints and scans okay, but I just get this bootup problem.

I have stopped most of the HP startup items in msconfig, which did nothing to improve the situation. After some research on the Web I now gather this is a known issue and I have now downloaded and flashed my bios with an HP update designed specifically to address this problem, but it still persists. I have a HP Pavilion t770 PC running Windows XP home, and loaded the shipped printer (all in one) software before using the USB connection option.
I've been in touch with HP technical help by direct Web chat on three occasions, but they are worse than useless, directing me to web pages to speed up my computer by deleting unnecessary files, startup items, defraging etc and this has not been of any help whatsoever.

On their advice, I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Windows installer cleanup utility. I've now run this to remove the HP all in one software which was very easy to locate, but there are still some other HP items listed I'm not sure about, and I'm loathe to delete them, as I have a HP computer and another HP printer which works fine. I downloaded their massive 200 MB download for the new up-to-date all in one printer software (which is also meant to address this problem) and deleted something like 15,000 %temp% files before loading this, but the problem still persists.

I was a little disconcerted to find that after loading the new software, I didn't get any "connect USB now" prompt, and at one stage I got an HP 6000Series interface "welcome back" screen, which made me think that I didn't properly uninstall all the necessary HP components.
I have Norton GoBack on my computer and therefore have system restore switched off, but the GoBack history going back two days ago from when I installed this printer is not available for some reason.

All help much appreciated.

  RFB 19:10 14 Sep 2008

Winpatrol click here
will give you more info on what programs are running in the background.
Have you tried booting with the device unplugged?

  laurie53 19:25 14 Sep 2008

I've had HP software fails to install properly and it's the very devil to straighten up.

Try an uninstall and then manually delete every reference you can find to HP.

System Restore, Norton Ghost and even Acronis restorations do not manage to get you back to where you were.

I've had to do this twice (with a C6180) and it took about two hours each time.

  woodchip 19:34 14 Sep 2008

Try it without the USB plug in the plug in after it starts. See if its faster

  woodchip 19:36 14 Sep 2008

Or make sure its switched off when you boot

  Drum 10:15 15 Sep 2008

Thanks to all for your suggestions, but I'm afraid I've tried booting with the device switched off and completely unplugged from its USB connection, but it makes no difference whatsoever. This is mentioned on HP site as a workaround, but it just doesn't work!
I do realise that I have to sift through all the HP references I can find to delete or uninstall, but because I have HP computer and another HP printer I am frightened of deleting too much so that my computer won't work. E.g. I understand HP digital imaging monitor is an important program, but I don't know where does.

  Drum 10:23 15 Sep 2008

.......... Meant to say, but I don't know what it does.

  jack 10:54 15 Sep 2008

Digital cameras- which I presume this is is
Leave it in the box.
Windows is quite capable of accepting digital images from camera on its own.
It will read the camera media card as a new removable drive- seen in 'My Computer'
Windows will display the Camera/Scanner wizard- and ask you what you want to do.
As fr image manipulating software - down load Picasa from Google as a good starter, or Irfanview
also free.
Investing in a modest software image editing software to move along the line is a step for the future

  woodchip 11:23 15 Sep 2008

You can stop it starting using MSCONFIG from Run

Start\Run\type MSCONFIG press enter then click on startup tab look for the program and remove the tick from the box. You can re-enable this if you want at any time

  Drum 11:47 15 Sep 2008

Thanks for your input Jack, but I never load any of image processing software that comes with a digital camera. I use Photoshop CS3 now after using Photoshop 7 for years. The HP software like Image Zone that came with my PC is really third-rate by comparison. Digital imaging monitor is something entirely different.

  jack 15:55 15 Sep 2008

Hence the 'camera error
I wonder therefore if you actually need any of the All-in software at all..
I can access my scanner through my imaging software for example[Paint Shop Pro 10- which is very similar to Adobe in architecture]
As for printer driver then the printer engine on the all in one will be comparable to a current model.
So is it possible that the XP library has it all ready.
To find this out simply go to Printer/Faxes install printer/select from list/select HP and then a suitable model.- All can be reversed if it turns out not to work.

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