michaelkav36 19:22 18 Dec 2009

Hi can someone else, i recently got the above message on a black screen after my pf suddenly crashed. After ant attempts i got it to restart in safe mode, in which i ran a disck scan of the hard drive, which found nothing wrong.

it then started normally and was working for a bit. It then crashed again with a message again on a black screen saying, FILE IS POSSIBLY CORRUPT FILE HEADER CHECKSUM DOES NOT MATCH THE COMPUTED CHECKSUM. it then would not restart at all for ages. After a while it started up in Windows system restore, it checked to fix problems but found nothing.

Since this it starts fine, and then randomly crashes, into bluescreen then off.

Its a newish MESH which has allready been back to base the day after i bought to be fixed. I upgraded to to Windows 7 about 3 weeks ago and dont think this has anything to do with it, but what do i know?

I have just rang MESH and that have passed me onto there £1 a min phone line, so i thought id ask before ringing for some help if poss?

thanks and sorry for long text

  woodchip 19:30 18 Dec 2009

could be a virus or bad memory

  michaelkav36 19:37 18 Dec 2009

hi thanks, i have ran my bullguard and windows defender and they have not found anything. im nunning windows 7 64bit if that helps anymore

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 18 Dec 2009

Run the disk checking tool in W7 disk management

  User-1229748 19:43 18 Dec 2009

try a repair from your windows disk.

  michaelkav36 19:48 18 Dec 2009

Fruit Bat, i have done that two or three times and it says nothing wrong. smackheadz i will try that next, has this happened to anyone else before thanks for all your help so far

  User-1229748 20:07 18 Dec 2009

not personally but a quick google of your thread title gives plenty of results.definately not time for a £1 a minute phone call yet.

  woodchip 20:19 18 Dec 2009

if you have more than one stick of ram try one at a time, on its own

  Terry Brown 20:37 18 Dec 2009

As it is said, it may be a memory problem, download this program and copy ro a memory stick or CD that is autobootable by your machine.

click here

This will do a complete memory 'leak' (fault) test.

You will need to let it run for at least 3 hours, prefably overnight, as it does multiple tests and runs until stopped by you.

This is not a windows program, but runs directly from the storage device to the Notherboard and memory.

If there is a fault, it will tell you where, which you can print out, and send to Mesh to get it repaired/ memory replaced.

If the memory is OK, you will have eliminated one possible fault.

Just a thought-- Is the computer sealed (guarantee void if opened), if not.

Get yourself an Antiststic strap, Unplug the computer and remove memory sticks, Check they are clean (Wipe gently with a piece of clean tissue (i.e. Hankerchief)and replace, you may just have a dirty connection or a memory stick not seated correctly.

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