tran1 00:54 21 Feb 2003


I've just installed Bootmagic from my Partition magic CD-ROm.

After making a FAT partition for BootMagic (It can't run from NTFS partition) I installed Bootmagic. When everything was installed, I noticed that boot magic had two items in its OS list. 'Win9x or MSDOS' and ' WinNT/2000/XP'. However on restart, I couldn't load XP by selecting 'WinNT/200/XP' from the menu. I had to choose 'Win9x or MSDOS' selection.

Its BootMagic seems to have got things mixed up and was wondering how to solve it.


John T

  tran1 01:15 21 Feb 2003


The cursor and background of Bootmagic menu screen are the same blue colour. What I thought I was selecting was in fact the other selection.

Very confusing!

Anyway, prob solved. Maybe someone else in future will learn from this! lol.

  Djohn 01:44 21 Feb 2003

tran1, pleased you solved it, but you left me confused! :o)

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