blue 13:45 09 Mar 2003

can anyone please help?
i have just installed a 60ig hdd and loaded xp onto it with a few programmes,the next day when i tried to start the computer it told me to put the xp disc in and load it on again i know xp is loaded because i have used you think this is a hdd problem or a bootlog problem i can take the hdd back to the shop but i don`t know much about setting up a boot log

  spikeychris 13:52 09 Mar 2003

What makes you think its a boot log problem and was there an error code or explanation as to why you had to re-load XP?


  blue 13:59 09 Mar 2003

the message i am getting is "boot from atapi cdrom"which if i do it starts to reload windows i have been to the repair part of the installation and chkdsk which seems to be ok that is why i think the bootlog or something like that is wrong

  AndySD 14:00 09 Mar 2003

Did you change the option in the bios to boot from the cd if so you will need to make sure the hard disk is one of the boot options.

  AndySD 14:02 09 Mar 2003

Remove the xp cd from the cd drive and reboot. Then ignore the "boot from atapi cdrom" message and you should go into windows.

  spikeychris 14:04 09 Mar 2003

As Andy has pointed out this is a common problem when the BIOS is set to boot from CD and you have the Disk in the drive.


  blue 14:11 09 Mar 2003

i have set the bios to boot from hdd0 hdd1 hdd1 also i previously set it to floppy hdd0 cdrom both times it fails to boot. i have also ignored the message boot from cdrom with no effect i have also taken out the cd again no joy

  spikeychris 14:18 09 Mar 2003

Personally I would:

Set to boot from CD and format the disk, follow the format instructions from the disk. What it looks like has happened is files have been overwritten and it will be best to start again.


  AndySD 14:19 09 Mar 2003

Set it to boot

1. cd rom

2. hdd0

then reboot with the xp cd in the drive and choose R for the recovery console... at the prompt type in

fixboot c:

(If c is the drive xp is on)

and hit enter.

when its finished type EXIT and reboot without the xp cd.

  blue 14:23 09 Mar 2003

ok lads
i`ll try the repair first then go to reinstall
talk some more later

  blue 14:42 09 Mar 2003

it`s me again
i tried to repair it with fixboot /C
but before i reached that point i got the message
stop:c0000221 unknown hard error\systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll
any ideas what this means?????????????/

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